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Lhermitte's and non-Lhermitte's paresthesia

Does anyone else get Lhermitte's attacks in which you ALSO get the same paresthesia (or shock, or whatever) in the same place, at times when you're NOT bending your neck?

For example: two nights ago I got a new "attack" of Lhermitte's--a light shocky feeling on the outside of my left ankle when bending my head down. It continued yesterday and today.

Now, this evening, I am getting "pulses" of the same shocky feeling both with head-bending AND randomly, without head-bending.

I've had this same thing with, e.g., vibration in my left thigh and another time on the bottom of my right foot. Bending my head would cause the vibration--but the vibration would also occur independently, often in "pulses."

In the past, I got the "independent" thigh-vibration first, and it progressed to Lhermitte's thigh-vibration after maybe a couple of days. This time, with the ankle, it's the opposite--first it was Lhermitte's only, now it's unprovoked paresthesia PLUS Lhermitte's.

Does anyone else get this--i.e., a paresthesia that manifests by itself but also with head-bending?

Nancy (undiagnosed)
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I do.  And mine is identical to yours.  I get a vibrational feeling in the front of my left thigh that can occur with or without neckbending.  Mechanically it makes perfect sense that this could happen.  If the lesion is such that the signal is interrupted on its own it will cause the paresthesia unprovoked.  But, if it is also in the right place such that neck flexion can irritate the same lesion, then the L'Hermitte's can occur, too.

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I'm not DX'd yet either but yes I get that alot also & it doesn't go away. I feel the vibration several times a day. I used to have to bend my neck to my chest to get the L'Hermittes  but now it does it with my neck only slightly bent (mainly when I bow my head to pray). Yet another crazy symtom I find that I'm not alone in!! Quix, what you mentioned makes perfect sense & I hadn't thought of it , so thanks!
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I have this all the time, exactly as you describe it. In fact, sometimes, the buzz on its own tips me off to a Lhermitte's fire-up.

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I also have similar sensory issues.  I often have Lhermitte's, most noticeable with forward neck flexion during and immediately following exercise.  I get the buzzing down my back and in the fronts' of my thighs.  Used to also get it to my feet but that hasn't happened in a while.   However like you I also get these buzzing sensations esp on the same area on my thigh, without any movement at all.  Weird.
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Very interesting to hear that others have this in the same way. Thanks, everyone.

Quix, your explanation does make sense; in fact that's what I assumed was going on--a bit of damage that shows up even more when the spinal cord is stretched.

Tammy: I have noticed over the nine years that I've had Lhermitte's, during some flare-ups I only have to bend my head slightly to make it happen; in other places/times, I have to bend my head way down to make it occur.

I distinctly remember one time having a Lhermitte's buzz somewhere, I think under one knee. When I'd lower my head a little, it would buzz and quickly start to fade out. I'd lower my head a bit more, and the buzz would be reinvigorated for another few seconds. Lower my head a little more and it'd buzz strongly again.

Another time, when I had the Lhermitte's vibration in the bottom of my foot, I'd lower my head partway and there would be a pulsating vibration. When I lowered my head all the way, the vibration would be constant.

All this makes sense in terms of the mechanism of Lhermitte's... but it's just so darn WEIRD.

It's funny what you forget, too. My very first journal entry about the "funny feeling" in an embarrassing "southern" region when I bent my head down (I had no idea it was Lhermitte's until the neuro told me it was "MS") says that it happened when I was in the shower or had just got out. I had completely forgotten about that. (There is a LOT in my ten years of "record-keeping" that I'm surprised to go back and find.)

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Hi doublevision. Even during times when I'm otherwise not having Lhermitte's, I will almost invariably have it within 20 minutes of starting my neighborhood walk (uh, when I COULD do my neighborhood walk--not sure anymore, but I used to be a great walker).

Walking along... duck to avoid a tree branch, and buzz! in my knee. Particularly when I'd get home and stop walking--maybe the heat would then build up worse, because I would get "rivers" of buzzing down my rear and thighs and often also in other places.
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