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Life is good

I mostly get on when I have a problem. I thought My life is really good so why not talk about that.

I painted today. A big step. I have had real trouble doing this simple thing. The painting has 9 zoo animals in it. My ON has gotten better over the last week and I can see what I am doing. I am training Grady. He is such a goof, he makes me laugh. It is good to laugh.

I am taking care of my garden. I keep forgetting to turn the water off. Short term memory. Sometimes my neighbor comes over when I have flooded his drive way.

I have decided my State needs a new law so I am starting from scratch to see if it can happen. I use to think I was useless since I do not work. Who else has time to get involved advocacy then someone who is not working?

I am riding and I am thinking about taking a ropes course ( up in the trees) they are offering through Parks and Recreation. I am afraid of heights because of the vertigo and double vision.

I can say I am happier than I have ever been. My life is not perfect but I am working through things. Learning how to communicate better with my husband.

I am in pain most of the time. I have permanent double vision, vertigo, left side weakness, daily head aches, I have a super restricted diet  ( I can eat no fun stuff) and breathing problems and diaphragm spasms every few days. Oh and the cognitive issues. I forget those.

I am not the scared person who started this journey in 2007. I am not the depressed person who thought my life was over when I was diagnosed in 2009. I am not the hopeless person who was told I had PPMS in 2010.

I know what I have control of and that is my attitude. I have no control over my MS, I have no control over doctors, my husband, my insurance company, the drug companies or the puppy beast. I can try to work with all of them.

Today my life is really good.

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I was so happy to read your post HVAC. There are so many things that are so negative in our lives it's nice to hear about some positive ones. If there was a like button I would be pushing it alot for you! Thanks for sharing.
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I totally agree with imsolucky!!! It is so nice to hear about the positive. I have some negative people that surround me in my life, but I will do everything I can to turn that negative into positive.

When people ask me how I've gotten through the things that I have been through, I always say to them, " I am still alive" I will not let my health issues control my life, it may put a damper on some things, but oh well!!

I thought that my life was over when I couldn't return to work in 2007. I cried and cried!! The thought of being home all the time, was not the type of person I was. My children were 4 and 1, so I was basically a sick, stay at home mom, with alot of vision problems, and then neurological problems.

It has been 3 years, and my kids were able to have me home with them, and I would never want it anyother way. I laugh at myself now instead of cry. I walk away from stressful situations in order to stay well. I do not have to worry about work, or driving on a snowy day with ice, I could cancel a dr. appt. if I am too tired to go, and I can take a nap when I need one.

I may not feel well alot of my days, but I am "STILL ALIVE" so THAT makes me happy!!

Thank you!!!
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You are so inspiring!  I'm happy to read that you are painting again. Your positive attitude is contagious. Thanks for sharing!!
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I could make a list a mile long on why I am happy.  I have one of the most loving and supportive husband's living on this earth.  I have children that adore me. I have grandchildren that are healthy and happy that bring me great joy.   I have long time friends that would do anything in the world for me.  I have extended family that jumps in to help before I even ask.  I live in a beautiful home (although unkempt garden..lol).  I have the best medical care and team of physicians that treat me with compassion and understanding.  

I really believe that we can find happiness in any situation.  I believe a homeless person can be happy.  They can reason...at least we have each other or at least we got a meal today at a shelter.  It is really a mind set.  

Unfortunately happiness like any emotion is just that.  It will change.  There ain't none living that can say, I am always happy. We aren't going to be happy to lose a child or spouse.  We aren't going to be happy if we lose our homes to fire or finances.  We aren't going to be happy if we are suffering physical pain. There is suffering in this life.  We should enjoy the moments of happiness...our next may bring suffering.

Buddhist speak about grasping....Grasping on to either happiness or suffering both bring problems.  The middle path of staying in the present moment brings us to understand that both pass then both return.

Just my take.
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Alex, you're such a shining light!  I'm with you - I get out there and live!  

I started lurking in Autumn of 2008, joined the forum in Jan. of 2009.   I've watched you grow by leaps and bounds.  Inspiration!

Keep it up, sweetie!
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hi alex
i feel so uplifted after reading your little story .
you are such a possitive lady and i commened for it.good for you !!!

its not about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain ......
god bless you
lots of hugs bairdy
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Bairdy I am with you Dance in the Rain. One of my favorite sayings is "Pain is necessary misery is optional". I like "Live like you mean it".

Oh  Bairdy you made me think of that Sheryl Crow song I want to walk in the Sun.

Well I am off to walk the Gardy Beast, then paint. Life is good.

Peace all my friends.

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awesome post!

hope  i can be as positive as you if needed.

do you give lessons? LOL
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Yes, I have watched Alex absolulely blossom during the past few years. When she posts about her philosophy of life, or even her status on a today-basis, I am always inspired.

I'm trying to live in the moment more too, as Alex always reminds us. Today I am happy because my AC is finally fixed, and the forecast is 95 degrees. I slept beautifully last night. My pain is manageable as long as I stay off my right leg to the extent possible. All good things.

Thanks, Alex.

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Great thread Alex.  Live life like you mean it - and you certainly do!!

I'm just so tired at the moment - but one day I will be up that tree with you :)


Debs x
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Thumbs up!!! Great advice!

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awesome!!  im happy for you!! glad to see this you have taken control of you!! you are so right  and if we can keep our attitude up there- well it sure does help - instead of moping aroud!!  hugs  cainer
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Just keep giving us some of your feel good factor from time to time..it makes me smile to read your positive posts and smiling is good for the soul. :))))))))
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