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Little Mouse

In another post Heather wrote the following: "...(I) see what I think is a mouse running along the floor, out of the corner of my eye.  Of course, there is no mouse there.  Many people with MS will tell you about "the little mouse."

OH MY GOSH! I've had this for years and not told a soul for fear that people would think I was insane. (Sometimes I hear a phone ringing, or my name when I'm in the shower or blow-drying my hair as well.) I feel so much better knowing that other people experience this too.

Also, when I'm driving at night, sometimes I think I see something crossing the road ahead of me (like an animal), but there is never anything there.

Does anyone else experience this one? I'm really starting to be concerned about my mental state. I know that I'm an intelligent, logical, pragmatic person, but this is all a bit much. Just checking to see if I need to see a psych...
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Yes, I know, I was quite relieved when I read Heather's post as I thought I was losing was little mind I had left.

I am undx, but started have eye problems 2003/2004 and this year they have been much worse and happened more frequently.  I have the "mouse thing" happen everyday and it is really weird.  It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who experiences this.

My brain fog has been so bad these last two weeks I don't think a psych could even decipher what I would say.  Probably just put me in a straight jacket and send me away!  ha.....ha....ha....

Take care and if you feel you need to talk to someone, don't hesitate.

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To all those who have seem that "little mouse," please post and tell us that we are NOT crazy.  Come on...admit it...some of you have seen that same little mouse that I have seen.  It's been happening to me for years.

Please post and tell us YOUR story....By the way, which one of you has my little mouse?  I haven't seen him in a couple of days.  Go ahead, spill your guts...someone has MY MOUSE...

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I have seen the mouse, except in my mind, it was a ferret (don't ask). It has run across my bedroom floor thrice in a single week (last week). Today, it moved across the passenger floorboard of my minivan as I drove. I was convinced I had seen something, so when I parked, I dove into the floorboard to see if I could find *anything* that it might have been. I couldn't. A man walking by my car at that moment gave me a very strange look.
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great subject, i seen the little mouse,
also i here like a loud bang, like someone is
banging on a door. but it is so loud  it scares
me to death, i throught my honey was
trying to scare me but no one was there.
weird real weird. thanks heather for the mouse thing.
i throught i was lossing it too.
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I know that this may sound kind of strange but I don't see the mouse thing, but living in Alaska we get alot of moose on the road side and at night I tend to see a flash of one or should I say some thing moving and will hit my brakes but there's no moose to be seen and my wilf will allways ask me why am I slowing down but we do get alot of moose hits here as well

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seen it....although I though it was a small cat!
I love kitties!  At first I thought it was a ghost!!  I like the kitty idea better!  Haha
maybe I saw the cat that was chasing the mouse!!!
straight jacket time!!! LOL
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