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Living in pain

Hi to all who helped me in past months and year with support on various symptoms and ill health.

Quix, if you remember, I was the one with the stomach ordeal in 2006 - appendectomy and no appendix found - then I went through the depression in 2007 and the Neurologist came up with a diagnosis of Myositis.  Well as of this year in Feb 08, he refused to carry out the muscle biopsy and wanted me to see another Neurologist, which is the impossible - as all moneys have now depleted.  I seeked help again from my GP who referred me to an Orthopaedic specialist.  They carried out about 30 xrays of head/neck/pelvis/spine and hands.  Findings:  Stenosis and scoliosis in lumber spine and osteoarthritis in both hands.  Apart from the intermittent leg/bone pain I still suffer from in the long bones (which leaves the muscles tired and painful and as if they are contracting), I had excrutiating finger pains for the first part of this year.  I have been on celebrex and had cortizone injections, but still continue to suffer, especially with the bone pain.  I again had a stomach attack 3 weeks ago (relived the symptoms of 2006), however, I notice an increase in bone pain.  Now I am wondering if something is not building up in my bones and expelling through my stomach that causes the nausea/vomiting and diarreah.  Do you think this is possible?  I still have many episodes of shortness of breath, only when walking long distance or up stairways and I had a strange episode of chest pain in May this year - that really is not comparable to heartburn, which is what everyone tells me.  I had another suggestion from a colleague I work with, that it could be vascular related??  I have never smoked.  I am now 38 years old.

Your thoughts and guidance here would really be appreciated.

Take care all of you

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I know that celebrex can be hard on the stomach; is it possible this could be the case with you?  Just a thought. Take care,  Amy
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Hi Amy, yes, this is a concern.  But I have now completed 6 months celebrex.  The stomach attacks I have are not your normal food poisoning bouts etc.  I have increased bone pain and nausea.  I then have diarreah and vomiting for 2 days, but the cramping is what cripples me.  I then have to wean myself back onto solids.  But the most frustrating part of the whole ordeal - is when I have gone through this I feel replenished.  It is as though my body is trying to rid something - a build up of acids maybe?  Unfortunately all the specialists I see concentrate only on one section of the body, either the stomach or muscles or bones - I somehow believe that the bone pain is referring to my stomach, if this can be possible.  Anyway thanks for your thoughts. Take care.
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sorry to jump in, but i had the impression that Celebrex was going to be taken out of the market for several reasons. It is not sold in South America because of that, since people were complaining about these symptoms you metion (upset stomach, etc) and one of them was "bouncing pain".
Amy, did they put you straight on Celebrex, or did you try other mild over the counter painkillers? i suffer from both AS and MS, and i take higher doses of Advil or any other Iboprufen around.
Just my two cents, but i would do a little research about the side effects of Celebrex and/or any other medication you're on. Hey, you could even save a couple $$ if you realize it's the Celebrex acting up on your system.
Hope you're feeling better.
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Thanks to you both.  I am now off the celebrex - but it is the bone pain that still ails me.  I suppose I will continue my 'wait and see' and 'suffer in silence' approach and deal with the pains as and when they arise.

Take care
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