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Losing Weight when even walking is difficult.

Any tips on how to lose weight when you're dealing with MS symptoms?

I've been counting calories and I did join a gym even though all I can do is walk on the treadmill. (baby steps, it's better than sitting on the couch I figure) ;-)

So what are ways that you are able to lose weight?

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I would try a stationary bike, a recumbent bike, the kind that lie back might be best. Also low-weight hand weights or any of the resistance machines if you can handle them. I would also try Googling exercise or weight loss plans for those with mobility impairments. There are also DVDs called sit and be fit. I think they focus on seniors but I am sure it would work for someone with limited mobility. Swimming and Water Aerobics might be another option.

I found this site too http://exercise.about.com/cs/exdisabilities/a/disabilities.htm and it had links to Seated Strength Workouts.

I hope that these suggestions help.

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It seems like when it is so hard to move that everything should burn more calories.  Apparently it does not work like that, at least not according to my scale!

Good luck!
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Walking and moving is important for your physical health and maintaining mobility but for losing weight, it's all about what you are putting into your mouth.

If you are eating clean, healthy, whole foods and watching the fat, losing takes care of itself.  Lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats (I stay away from beef and pork), brown rice, etc. Also drink plenty of water.  It helps move everything in your body.

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Hi there,

I am on a very low carb diet, and monitor my weight every day.

I have SPMS, and so my legs will not do what I want them to do anymore.

When I do have a good day, I'll walk as far as I can, do as much as I can, but still (in my way of thinking) if I pile on the pounds, then my legs will not be able to support me - at all!

So as the others  have mentioned, just keep an good eye on what you are eating - get yourself a good set of scales, the type that give you all the information that you key in, and it gives you your maximum calorie intake per day to maintain your weight.

Hope this helps a bit,

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Weight watchers is a really good plan, and if you can stick by it.....you will lose weight. It adjusts the amount of calories you can have based on your sex, age, and activity level.
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I thind that losing weight gets harder as we get older but as you are still early thirties you do not have the  dreaded menopause approaching that some of us older ladies are facing imminently. However what you do have is your own self regulating exercise helpers at home - four beautfiul kids who I am sure keep you on your toes (when you are not too tired),

I think that exercise is about what works for you and half the battle is mind over matter and perseverence.   I imagine that it cannot be easy finding much time to yourself with 4 small kiddies and so what you do is easiest done at home.e.g. an exercise DVD, some floor exercises, stretches and depending how mobile you are..skipping?

If you are on lots of different medications these may not help as some (such as gabapentin) sometimes make people put on weight.  I have tried extremely hard to lose weight and it is a slow process. I agree with the others that taking a healhy lifestyle approach is the best way forward having low saturated fat, lean meat (less red meat) lots of fruit, veg and legumes.(Colours brown, red and green very healthy in all foodstusffs) I think it is important to have something to hand that is a tasty treat and for me I have dried mango which gives me the sweetness I sometimes crave and I have grown to like nuts. (this was not meant to be rude but while we are on that subject- activities in the bedroom are supposed to be a great way of exercising and burning calories the fun way!!)

Apart from that just walking is a great way of exercising and this you can do with the kids.

Good luck and just keep up the motivation going..but if you have a tired fatigued day listen to your body and don't overdo it.

Love Sarah x
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Thanks for the tips everyone! Very helpful.

I know I need to be drinking more water and eating more fruits/veggies.

I recently bought a Body Bugg, the armband they wear on the biggest loser. I love it!! It keeps track of the steps I take, activity minutes, and calories burned. It has been a huge help!

As long as I keep eating less than what I burn, I should be okay. It just seems that the scale is stuck!

Thanks again for all the lovely input.

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I changed my diet over three years and have lost ten pounds a year. I cut things out a little at a time and stopped eating after 7 PM. I now drink no sodas of any kind except on a special occasion. I only perimeter shop a grocery start. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, light on the dairy. I also eat nuts. I am not a fan of bread or pasta any way. Now I just do not like processed food. When I am really in a mood I try some of the chocolate desserts on Doctor Oz. We keep no snacks in the house except fruits or vegetables, I have to drive for a snack if I want it and usually I do not want it. I stopped drinking coffee out or eating out for the most part. Actually most food I eat out tastes bad now. Oh and Greek yogurt subsitute for sour cream on potatoes and in dips.

My scale did not budge for years now I I am almost to perfect BMI. It is not about dieting more about lifestyle and changing slowly. I go to my in laws and I am sick for a week.

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Lean muscle burns fat. So try - through weights etc - to build your muscle mass. I can't remember the exact figures, but for ever kg (2.2 pounds in a Kilogram) of muscle, you burnsomething like 4 times the fat, than if that muscle had remained flab.

If your gym can show you how to use those weight machines that would really, REALLY help you.

You can run for 6 blinking hours on a treadmill and not lose anywhere near the weight you would lose just by building muscles.

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I'm not really someone who can speak from personal experience, i have the opposite problem and always have been that way, my husband is the reverse and currently loosing a lot of weight so its a common conversational topic around here, maybe some of it will be helpful.

Its not just what you eat, but a combination of what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how much you move and genetics or body type. My hubby is not a diet guy, couldn't follow one simply because they were always so unreasonably restrictive for him to follow, these are some of the things he's mentioned to me.

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with additional in between low fat/no fat snacks
Drink water with each meal, water fills you up
Dont eat processed anything, natural and fresh is best
Avoid anything with the word diet, its usually high in sodium and sugar
Cut out soft drinks (soda) completely
Reduce portion size, eg 1/3 meat, 2/3 veg/salad fitting in the inner round of your plate
Never buy food when your hungry, you'll buy more than you should
If you crave sweat/sugar dont deprive but eat natural fruits eg watermelon or fruitsalad

His work out is ridiculous, he's at a blocky gym 5 or 6 days a week, lifting weights and doing cross training etc plus he walks for an hour every night, i'd never be able to do any of it, I think its a bit exstreem. I think no matter what, moving is important, when i'm not doing so well i make sure I stretch and do things like squats but when i'm good I do lots of sporty things that get me out and about, fun things but still i'm moving and adapting what i can do to what my body can cope with. For him he can push himself and gains the strength to do more, me i push my self and just get weaker and weaker, the rules no longer apply!

Anyhoo hopefully something someone says will be of help!


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I have the same thinking as you do.

Besides my vision, my legs are a daily struggle.

I need to drop the weight as much as I can.

I went back to my low carb eating and I feel much better.

How many carbs do you eat?

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No magic bullet,  it just like the MS ,  we each have a diet that is  different .

Here's whats working for me,  I'm on a 2,500 calorie a day Type  TWO Diabetic Diet.
Before you roll your eyes,  it's not bad at all.

I mostly have cut out processed food, we rarely eat out, and have I  increase my intake of whole grains.   I have three well balanced meals and two healthy snacks each & I try to eat at the same time each day. My PCP felt that I would have greater success if the weight loss was slow  and steady.  I got thru the Holidays without gaining a pound.

Well that's what's working for me,  good luck.


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