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Loss of appetite?

hello friends! its been a while and now am back. My MS diagnosis has now been confirmed (as it was a "maybe" for the last few months) and now going on the Pretnisone dose (the super booster course of 1250 mg for five days). Will start that tomorrow. However I have noticed that i am extremely exhausted by the afternoon. Usually I can truck on for the entire day of meetings. But today I've had two meetings, and two con/calls and am absolutely spent by 2pm today.  Also anyone have sudden loss of appetite? I love food and honestly can't even think of having a meal. Right now forcing myself with chopped veggies and hummus to get me through the day but one/two servings is enough. Can't attribute to loss of appetite to drugs (only taking Lyrica right now) so just wanted to ask. Is this something that others are also experiencing in relation to MS overall?
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My guess?  It is the steroid causing the loss of appetite.  It always did that to me.
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I hear that loss of appetite isn't an MS symptom.  I've had problems with appetite ever since my gall bladder attack a few months ago.  While this is causing me to lose weight, it's a little disconcerting - I love food too.  The only thing that drives me to eat is a rumbling tummy, and it really has to rumble.

When I was taking steroids, I had more appetite, not less, but I'm sure it's different for everyone.
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today was my second day of steriod infusion. I have actually had loss of appetite. Was expecting a gain, but will take the loss. I have gained weight just from not being as active as I once was.

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Hi, joomka.

Actually, loss of appetite is a symptom of MS. I lost my appetite back in 2006, lost 18#s in 5 month.s

My cousin, Erv, who died from MS in 2008, also lost his appetite, and he was never on any MS treatment, because when he was diagnosed there was no treatment for PPMS. He lost all of his weight. Like me, he was skin and bones.

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Sorry for the dx, joomka, but glad you have one and can now treat the beast..

Sheila knows for sure 1st hand how this can be your MS too. In addition to that, many times, one MS symptom leads to another. So you are spent by the afternoon - using all your energy for that period, and now eating requires you to possibly, prep, chew, stay up and digest, clean the mess. Just not enough energy for that. Fatigue did this to me bigtime during my 1st attack.
You may find the steriods will increase your appetite. For me, my stomach would growl like I was starving as soon as I finished a meal. All I could do to not eat the house down, lol
Put those small amounts in to maintain some nutrition, but don't put the added burden on yourself that it's not what it should be right now. It may come back in time.
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Thanks everyone! It just came out of nowhere. I was okay before thanksgiving then the day after I couldn't even stomach looking into the fridge. Thougth it was the turkey hangover even though i didn't eat much and  my energy level was so low that day I knew something was afoot.  But then sunday turned to monday, then turned to tuesday and I knew something was up. Poof! Just like that it disappeared. Yesterday I just started the booster course of pretnisone of 1250 mg yesterday and boy did it keep me wired.;-)  Luckily had some aid to help me calm down. But yes I bought fruits and chopped up veggies so that at least i'm not snacking on empty calories. Thanx so much for comments/advise. really appreciate this chat. (and forum!).
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