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Lump in my Leg

I have developed a lump about the size of a kumquat on the outside of my left shin...it is painful when I touch it, there is no bruising or other mark on my skin...could this be a result of the muscles in my legs spasming?  I have no idea what it is and this is the only thing I could come up with.  I have been told that if it was related to cancer in any way, it would not be painful...any ideas people?

Lots of Hugs,

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Hi Rena,

Could be an absess, given the pain. Does it feel hot? You need to see a dr to have it checked and if it is an absess, drained.

I can't remember - are you injecting meds?  Is that an injection area?

Am sure some others will pop by, but given the pain, this calls for a doctor visit sooner rather than later.  :)

Take care

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Hi Sally...thanks for responding!  Nope, it's not an injection site...don't inject anything...any other ideas?

I will be keeping a close eye on  it anyway...

Lots of Hugs,

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A painful lump in that location is most likely to be from a deep hematoma (deep bruise that bled into the area and formed a lump.  Do you have normal sensation in that lower leg?  I can't imagine the circumstances that it would be a tumor or cancer.

There is a specific injury that occurs there which is a bruise to the side of the shin.  It can bleed under the periosteum, which is the sheath surrounding the bone.  Sometimes these do get infected and become an abcess, so Sally was right. If it gets warm, more painful, more swollen then it must be seen right away.  

The other possibility is if you have had muscle spasms in that muscle, a bit of the muscle could have torn.  This would give you a painful lump, but would usually be red or bruise-colored (at least a little) from the surface.

For now, I would treat it with warm packs.  If it starts to get read around it, use a pen to draw exactly around the edge of the redness.  Then if it increases you can show the doctor exactly how much the redness has increased in that period of time.

Let us know.

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   Oh, Rena, doesn't sound nice.  Sorry, hope it gets better soon.  Just don't get fancy with the pen Quix suggested, and start drawing pretty pictures and faces on it. LOL

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How's the leg today?


P.S. Women describe lumps with fruit; men use sport descriptions. Yours wasn't the size of a golf ball, it was a kumquat. :-)
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Well I hope that it wasn't a blood clot or something that could travel to my heart and kill me cause if it was, it's packed it's bags and left the province of left shin!!  I just don't know anymore!

I loved what you said about the difference between women and men...that was hilarious Suzanne!

Well I am glad it is gone...just wish I knew where it went...guess I will just have to watch for a straying lump looking for a new province to take up residence eh?

Thanks for all your help though people...appreciate it!

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