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MRI Brain Scan

There are several small periventricular white matter hyper intensities, particularly in the left frontal lobe, the largest measuring 6mm in diameter and adjacent to this is a 3mm lesion. Several tiny foci in the right frontal white matter. The cause of these is uncertain but potentially relate to demyelinating process, MS difficult to exclude on the basis of imaging here. They may relate to old insult and other causes of demyelination would also be possible. Note is also made of quite prominent Meckel's caves bilaterally, these follow CSF intensity on all sequences and the appearance likely relates dual ectasia. This also likely accounts for a fairly generous size pituitary fossa/suprasellar cistern. Small amount of CSF in the optic nerve sheaths bilaterally but no overt ectasia of these. Potentially this dual ectasi could be contributing to the symptoms of diplopia. Alternatively a demyelinating process could b contributing.
Conclusion: Several small white matter hyper intensities, particularly in the left frontal lobe, a demyelinating process (including MS) would be on the differential. Enlarged Meckel's caves bilaterally probably relates to dural ectasia, another potential contribute to the symptoms.
Does anyone know what this all means??
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Hi Alex,
Thank you. I have double vision also and it is very annoying and frustrating.
How do you deal with it?
What was your diagnosis?
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Thank you for replying to my post.
I am hanging out to see the Neurologist next week to gain further insight into what is going on with me.
Yes I do have double vision and some other issues and it's really frustrating.
I really appreciate you taking the time to assist me in trying to understand what some of my report said.
These forums are great.
:) All the best.
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The MRI has to be taken in context with symptoms. I have damage to those nerves mentioned. When they do a Neurological exam they may tap on your chin or turn your head a certain way to check out the nerves. You could have no symptoms or you could like me have double vision. I do not have TN Pain.

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Hi fellow Ozzie, welcome to our little MS community,

Please keep in mind that we are lay people, not professionally trained in reading MRI's, opinions are generally from personal experience, acquired knowledge and interest, my two cents......

Your brain MRI has picked up several small periventricular lesions (left and right frontal lobes) these lesions the radiologist is unable to specify whats 'most likely' caused them or if they are new or old, MS demyelination is 'one of the potential causes' of periventricular lesions.  

Unspecified lesion identity 'could be' for many reasons eg because of the way the MRI was run, if it wasn't done using MS protocol, other findings not typiclly connected to MS etc etc. More often than not when there's nothing specific to show the demyelination process eg they light up with contrast...... peoples MRI reports will just have a list of alternative causes with MS being just one in the list.

The rest from "Meckel's caves bilaterally" to the conclusion is not common MRI language used in relation to MS. I can't tell you anything much about what this section of your report means. I looked "Meckel's cave" up and it seems to be related to the trigeminal nerves, they basically travel down both sides of your face.  MS is actually connected to bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) but the radiologist is noting enlarged Meckels cave as "probably relates to dural ectasia" which means it's potentially an alternate explanation than MS.

I don't think i've ever seen a report that mentions diplopia (double vision) before, do you by change have double vision and bilateral TN pain?  

That probably didn't help you very much, hopefully someone else will have something more to add. If you have any questions, we are always happy to do our collective best to get you your answers if we can, no question is off limits here so ask anything that comes to mind. :D

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