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Because I have a pacemaker, I cannot have an MRI, per my pacemaker company.
So, have a CT ordered just before my next visit.  Will be 8 months post first week of Lemtrada in September.

What might the CT show since no MRI possible  ??
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Hi there! Good to hear from you.

I don't know what a CT will show but I can't imagine much. My CT was clear before I was diagnosed because they thought I had suffered a stroke.

Since the brain lesion that caused the vision loss is (and was) almost 2 cm long and it wasn't visible on the scan, I can't imagine what lesions would.

Maybe they have a CT protocol similar to the MRI protocol for MS that will allow something to show...

Are they doing contrast? I didn't have that and maybe it would make a difference?

I hope Lemtrada is treating you well and it's great to see you back on the board.

Thanks Corriel, its been a roller coaster year.  I have only had two off effects from Lemtada, nausea and extreme sleepiness in the beginning, but think it was due to Solumedrol
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CT scan will not show much. The best test is the simple neurological exam. They used it before the MRI was invented. In 1965 they could tell I had brain stem damage from the neurological exam. The majority of MS is gray matter damage which MRIs do not show,

No contrast, I figure its because of Lemtrada requirements.  I have a disc but can't read it, my computer won't load the free version of Osyris, and the full version is $500, no thank you.  Doc's answer was well you get what you get with a CT.  
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Doc said CT will not show anything because most of my lesions are in the grey area of my brain.  Oh well, nice to not know, I guess.  Completed Lemtrada in February and feel better except for extreme fatigue
This may not be the proper place, but so be it.  I so truly miss HVAC; she was a brave lady indeed and often gave me more hope than I was able to offer her
RIP - Alex
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