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MRI Findings -- Need interpretation

I have recently experienced weakness in my left leg.  I thought it was due to a back injury.  After exhausting spinal tests, had a MRI taken of my head.  This is what the report says:  MRI of the brain was performed using sagittal T1 weighted sequences, axial t1, axial t2, axial FLAIR and axial diffusion weighted sequences.  Review of the images shows that this patient has some punctate whate matter demyelinating change in the centrum semiovale on the right. No white matter edematous changes are seen. No acute changes are identified.  No Midline shift or evidence of intra-or extra-axial bleeds is seen. No significant thinning of the corpus callosum is noted.  
No acute changes in this patient who has had some white matter demyelinating change.  In this age group and gender consider multiple sclerosis versus other etiologies.

Thoughts, anyone??
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First of all WELCOME!!!!!! This is an awesome & informative community & everyone here is exceptionally nice! I haven't been officially diagnosed yet but my MRI also suggested MS. I also have degenerative disc disease & some bulging & herniated discs, so like you, I thought my back was causing the weakness in my leg. Eventually I got hit with this overwhelming fatigue & then my arms got weak, numbness & tingly then came next & now I'm having just about every symptom related to MS. As I have learned here there are many MS mimics so you might want to check at the top of the page on Health Topics, theres lots of good info there. You can check out my profile if you would like to compare MRIs & other symptoms (geez I sound old for 39 lol). This site has been a Godsend for me & I pray it will be for you also. Just let me know if theres anything I can do to help!! God bless you!
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Hello INTHERIVER - welcome to the MS forum at MedHelp.  This is a great community of very knowledgeable MS patients and caregivers who will walk this journey with you if you need companionship.

Tammy is so right in referring you to our health pages - they are written by our members in easy to understand language and will answer almost anything related to MS and the diagnosis process.

Your MRI sounds suspect to me, but you probably already know we are not doctors here and can't make anything but educated and informed guesses.  So here is my guess - you are going to work with a neuro, preferably an MS specialists, and wind your way through ruling out or confirming all of the MS mimics that can also cause demyelination.  If nothing is found, you will then patiently work toward a case of yes or no for MS.  

Be forewarned, a diagnosis for this MiSerable disease is not for the faint of heart - it takes lots of perseverance for most to get a diagnosis.  

I hope you will come through here often to share the journey.  

My best to you,
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