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MRI Results is it MS or a Stroke? What does this mean?

My entire left side went numb and is very weak and my tounge is even numb and my vision is very blurry. I went to the hopsital was admitted and they did a MRI with and without contrast. The  results showed: Small linear focus of hyperintense T2/Flair signal abnormality centrum semiovale right frontal lobe of uncertain clinical significance. Then in the "IMPRESSION" area they put: Punctate signal abnormality deep white matter right frontal lobe of uncertain clinical significance, possible area of remote traumatic or ischemic injury. What does that mean?
Now I am also having numbness in my right hand and right foot.
They also did the MRI of my neck and it says: multilevel degenerative facet arthropathy contributes to moderate left neuroforaminal narrowing C3 /4 and mild to moderate bilateral narrowing at the level of C6/7. There is evidence of degenerative synovitis on the left at  C4/5.

I am trying to find out if I had a stroke or if this is caused my my neck.
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Hi there,

I THINK, but am not sure, that they put "infarct" if it is stroke. There's no indication from that that they think it's a stroke. I think also as a general rule a stroke will only affect one side, whereas if you are now having problems on the OTHER side as well.........

How long until you see a dr?

Good luck!
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My huband got laid off work so I have no medical insurance. So I do not know when I will be able to see a doctor. I am kind of between a rock and a hard spot right now.
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Hi there

I am not able to comment on your results as I have no medical background but feel that it is imperative that you are given some explanation of your results. Can you go to your normal doctor?

I just wanted to say that being in that place you describe as between a rock and a hard spot feels as if you are "stuck" and that there is no way out. I am sure that things will become clearer and that you will be able to shift from this difficult place. However it may take time and if must be very worrying with your husband being laid off work and not having the medical insurance.

I am from the Uk so do not have the same insight into your medical system as others on the fourm so I am sure that you will get some practical suggestions soon.

I am glad that you found the forum and let us know how you get on.

With best wishes

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Hi Martina and welcome.

Let me take a quick stab at your results, but keep in mind that I am no doctor or medical expert.  The language on these reports can be fairly frightening and it helps to dissect what they are truly saying.

- There are spots on your MRI that they are unsure of what they mean - (uncertain clinical significance)

- Trauma - injury to the brain such as accidents and concussions can leave residual damage and that is offered as one possibility.

- Ishemic disease - it occurs when the blood floor is restricted and if this happens to the brain it can leave spots as well.  This can happen from high blood pressure or other vascular irregularieties.  That is offered as another possibility.  

- Unfortunately everyone our age (I'm 55) seems to have degenerative disc disease.  Our bodies and spines don't fight the effects of gravity very well.  Also the wear and tear of our daily activites over all those years can create these usually  minor problems.

- degenerative facet arthropathy is saying that it appears there is damage due to arthritis.  Again, I think all of us as we age pick up touches of arthritis.  

- the narrowing occurs when the spine compresses and closes the space for the nerves in the spinal column.  If this compression is enough, it can cause numbness, tingling, pain .....

I hope something in this is helpful to you.  To me it doesn't sound like a stroke, but again, I am not a doctor and this is not official medical advice.

good luck and be well,

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