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MRI Scan

I have just had my appt through for a MRI with contrast of the head and spine. I am feeling very anxious as I am very clausaphobic and will be in the scanner for about an hour. If I get sedated my appt will be longer. How small is the tube?
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It may be possible (depending on if you will be driving yourself to the appointment) to be prescribed a mild sedative. You are by no means alone in finding the prospect of an MRI a bit daunting!

As for the size of the tube, there are a couple of variables. Some facilities have 'wide bore' models to better accommodate both anxious patients and obese patients. These are the minority however (I believe). You can probably google images and perhaps some video to get a better idea of these average size. But try not to do that too much if you find it's actually increasing your anxiety rather than assuaging it.

Try and focus on the positives; you are doing this for your benefit. You will get valuable medical information that will get yourself closer to answers. You may try to have a look at some anti-anxiety or mindfulness exercises that you can do during the scan to help tamp down any rising feelings of stress.

Always remember, you are in control at all points. You'll have an emergency bell that will have you out of there quickly if it becomes too much. I don't expect this will happen, but just knowing it's there may have a calming effect. I wish you all the best when you have it. Let us know how it goes!
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Thank you :)
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Hi Ghost -

In your situation you have to choose between the inconvenience of a longer appointment and the fear of tight spaces. I'd go for the sedation :-)

Even the wide bore machines immisceo described are pretty "cozy". In addition to sedation, many places offer you head phones and can pump in your choice of music. I put the head phones on, close my eyes and go to my happy place :-) I've even fallen asleep once or twice.

You'll do fine! Let us know how it goes,

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thanks Kyle. Can't wait any longer, as im anxious about what is wrong with me.still could be worse :)
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If you close your eyes and ignore the noise, usually you are fine.  Many doctors will give you valium or xanax if you ask.  In that case, you will have to have a driver.  My old doc would give me the presc herself, the one I go to now, gives it to you while you are there and you have to ask for it when you set it up, it varies from facility to facility and doctor to doctor.

Make sure your doctor knows you feel you are anxious about it.  The non contrast portion takes the longest and the contrast portion is relatively short!
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Thanks Sarah :)
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