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MRI result of brain

Had a brain mri due to tingling through my skull,some numbness, vibrationsin my ear, dizziness.  First diagnosis fibro   DocS are stumped.  But my rhum still thinks something is cooking.   My first neuro said i need to see a psychiatrist.  The second  neuro thinks migraines without pain.   Does anyone have any idea what this means of course they say it is normal, but they do not bother to explain what it means...of course all labs show nothing however. How long did it take you to get diagnosed?   This was done without contrast bc I am a bad stick...she tried 5 times...

There is some prominence to the parietal sulci in the high convexity region bilaterally with prominent extraexail cerebral spinal fluid.  The finding most likely result of mild atrophy.  

Any ideas would be appreciated
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Hi, Jill-

Perfect!   This is what you needed to do.  :)

While I am absolutely no good at reading and interpreting MRI results, I do have to say that I would be concerned with the part that says "the findings most likely the result of mild atrophy"

This, to me, woud not be normal and I would like to know from my neuro what would cause this to happen.  Can your rhum suggest a good neuro for you to go see?  Me, personally, would not go back to the first neuro who told you to get psych help.  The second one might be an option, to me.  

Which doc told you your MRI was normal?  And which doc ordered the MRI?

I am sure others will post a response to you, too.   Maybe they can help you better than I can.  I hope so.  

So you know, no one here can diagnose anyone.  Our members are people with MS and people in limbo, waiting for diagnosis.  It is an excellent forum with lots of knowledgeable people.  Welcome to our forum.

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The result suggest loss of brain volume but there is no mention of white matter hyperintensities.  Your symptoms: Tinnitus, dizziness (maybe vertigo), and numbness/tingling are clearly neurologic symptoms and should be evaluated by a neurologist.  Drop Neuro one.  He is a waste of time.  Neuro Two may be on a valid tract.  There is something called a "Silent Migraine" that causes neurologic symptoms, but not the typical migraine headache.  

The symptoms taken as a whole, specifically the tinnitus and dizziness make me think that they need evaluate the "infratentorial" (cerebellum, midbrain, pons, brainstem) brain.  There are a few causes of brain atrophy that can cause these and other neurologic symptoms.  One that I can think of is alcohol.  Even a couple of drinks a day can lead to significant brain atrophy and neurologic symptoms.  Another is heavy metal poisoning.  You need to continue to pursue finding the cause of the brain atrophy.

Hope some of this helps.


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Interesting here is what my pcp said was the results are supposedly seen so much by neurologists that they attribute it to aging.  The interesting thing is that my rhum asked about the metal and if I have 10 drinks in a year I am lucky.    My university neuro gave me a rx for neurotin and told me good luck...no follow up...nothing...my rhum was the only one that suggested further MRI of neck and spine.  She even said she would try to get me into mayo since she knows a neuro there.  She said this has been almost six mos of this.  

Thanks guys....I like my rhum but not sure I want to see another neuro unless I go to mayo...tired of wasting my time..

How long did it take each of you to get dx?
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It took 6 months, a negative LP and Two MRIs from first bout of Optic Neuritis to diagnosis.  There was one lesion on the first MRI and 5 lesions on the second MRI 6 months later.  In the middle of the diagnostic process I also developed Trigeminal Neuralgia.  

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There is no mention of white matter hyper intensities...when they were looking for ms.  My rhum said you can still have ms with lesions on spine rather than brain....any comments about that.  She said I could just call herto get the order....what should I do?  
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Hi, Jill-

You will find a wide variety of time frames on how long diagnosis took for MS.  There is not any kind of test that you can take that tells you have MS.  It is a diagnosis of exclusion.  There are many, many MS mimics.  

I started have neurological problems 6 years ago.   I have not been diagnosed yet.  Some people get a quick diagnosis....a couple weeks to a month.   Some take longer that the six years I have been searching.  

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MS of the spine should not cause vibrations in the ear or dizziness.  Those are typically related related to lesions in the infratentorial (lower brain.)  Lesions on the spine have a tendency to effect the truck and limbs.  High cervical lesions (C2) may cause head pain (Occipital Neuralgia.)


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Thanks again guys just so nice to know you are not alone with these struggles.  At times it is so isolating.  I appreciate all your comments and will definitely use them as I continue this journey.
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