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MRI results

I'm a nurse of 35 years, but began having increasing difficulty over the last 2 years with severe spasticity of the lower extremities, difficulty with voiding and stooling. Urinary retention and constipation. I have had testing and I have neurogenic bladder and bowel. I have enough spasticity  in my pelvic floor and rectal area that no matter how much baclofen I take I still have trouble. My gait has change, I fall on occasion if I do not pay real close to how I am stepping.
I have had two top to bottom MRIs of my spinal column checking for changes. I do have spinal stenosis in my neck and lower lumbar area without cord compression. I also have been hyper reflexive, + Babinski bilaterally, initially found to have sustained clonus lower extremities. I am now on leave from the hospital, due to my inability to maintain for a 12 hour shift. The Baclofen, as they are increasing it, makes my brain real fuzzy.
My MRI that I received is normal except for this comment; Few small foci of FLAIR hypeintensity  bilaterally in the corona radiate. may be minimal chronic microvascular ischemic". everything else was WNL.
I am at high risk for cardiovascular deaths-family history from a variety of cardiovascular illnesses. I have not been hypertensive, nor diabetic, nor high cholesterol. I have these things followed closely for 20 years. I had a heart scan in 2004 and 2014. my calcium score both times was zero!!! So why do I have it in my brain but no similar sites such as the heart. I am 55 yr old.   I have also read that It could be seen as MS if other symptoms are present. The doctors all keep saying I have some kind of HSP but genetic testing was negative. I would feel much better if I had a
defined diagnosis. I'm a planner, need I say moore
anywhere elses.

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