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MRI results

I just received the results from my brain & neck MRIs.  I'm quite concerned as I have had many unusual symptoms over the past few years including a loss of smell. slurred speech, weakness in my hands, tripping on air, dizzy spells, several episodes of blurred vision (along with feeling faint when it occurs), tremor in my leg (only once), and strange shooting & searing pain in different parts of my body (comes out of nowhere and passes quickly).  I also came across the Rhomberg test during my research and decided to do it myself- tipped over to the right side each and every time.

My results read: "A few scattered punctate nonspecific foci of T2/FLAIR hyperintensity are noted in the cerebral white matter."

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a consultation with a Neurologist to discuss my results, but I am so incredibly anxious.
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Will maintain good positive thoughts regarding outcome of findings or non findings :-)) Ox
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TECHNIQUE: MRI of the brain was performed without and with intravenous gadolinium contrast. MR angiography using 3D time of flight without gadolinium contrast was also performed with multi-planar and 3D reconstructed images.

CONTRAST USED: 5 cc of Gadavist
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What did the Findings: say?
"A few scattered punctate nonspecific foci of T2/FLAIR hyperintensity are noted in the cerebral white matter."
I did see the Neurologist on Wednesday and she ordered further testing MRI of my spine and an EEG, so I wait :(
It is good she is ordering tests. EEG is not a typical MS test.  A MRI of the spine with contrast and MS protocal would mean she is looking at MS.

Thanks Alex :)  She ordered an EEG because there is a family history of epilepsy (my maternal grandmother).  I told the Neurologist that I thought I had a leg tremor, but she said it may have been a seizure :/  I don't believe that's what it was.  
I had both tests done today, so I should have some answers next week.
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Thank you so much for the well wishes :)
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