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MRI results....english translation

Hi All

Hoping someone can shed some light for me on what the following 'mumble jumble' means in simple plain english......

- several small subtle foci of T2 hyperintensity in the deep white matter of the frontal lobes. These are non specific but consistent with gliosis from secondary demyelination.

- one very small area of increased signal intensity in the corpus callosum, saittal FLAIR sequence.

Thanks in advance for any comments
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Hi Brusha,
if only I could speak *MRI* !!!   I am the non-technical person around here.

You have some spots on your MRI that could be lesions, but could be something else too.  That is the non specific part of the report - they are hedging their bet.

That you have spots in other areas of your brain - the corpus callosum, adds to the evidence that something is going wrong ...

When do you see your doctor for the official explanation?

be well,
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Hi Lulu

Thanks so much for your response. I wish I could speak MRI too!

Interestingly I have already seen my doctor who advised my MRI was "clear" and nothing to report.......  I guess the non specific aspect as you explain is probably consistent with that comment?

For a number of reasons, I actually obtained a copy of the report directly from the Radiology company, so my doctor isnt aware I have it. The greatest of these reasons is because after my most recent relapse I am now going to take a truly proactive approach to my health, and am determined to do WHATEVER I can to improve my symptoms .....we just cant sit around waiting for doctors to heal us! Although I am generally happy with my neuro, I am desperate to make so progress so will be seeking a second opinion.

I am sort of a limbolander, but was diagnosed with ciguatera toxic poisoning a few years ago (which is another complex neurological condition that can cause persistant long term neurological issues and relapses and is a known MS mimic). This is likely to be still causing me problems, however there are a number of other things going during each relapse that are not known to be ciguatera related (baldder issues being one of them). This latest relapse has been quite bad, and so rather than doing what I normally do (focus on recovering, then forgetting about it all and going on with life....until it 'slaps me in the face again'), this time I am determined to do whatever I can possibley do to help my medical condition. But of course, one needs all the relevant info to do this....

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