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MS Awareness Week - where have you seen it?

don't forget that MS awreness week is here. I sent the link for the logo to all my friends and family - my sister has an online garden supply site and posted the logo on her home page -  www.terradisiac.com

There were people in the outside audience at the Today Show on NBC holding MS Awareness week signs - and wearing ORANGE.

I have on a coral color sweater today - I don't own anything truly orange.  

So where have you seen reminders today?  Spread the word.

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I too saw the people on the Today Show.  Since we are having a snow day home from school today, I received a phone call from my mother who saw the people and thought of me.  She has been doing much of her own research and talking with people who know people with MS, and so on.  Her support has been unwaivering during this confusing time and "probable MS" tag from he neuro.  Looking forward to an upcoming walk for MS near our house and spreading the word for all of you too.
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  Thanks for spreading the word. My children reminded me over the weekend :) I think I would have forgotten! Well they were wrong about the color though because they said red and I said no that's heart awareness.

  I am very disappointed that I haven't seen or heard anything on TV or locally. I will take a cue from you and spread the word myself.

Take care

Erin :)
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I put the logo for the week at the bottom of my emails from work  - everyone will get tired of seeing it before the week is out! :-)
In case you missed it before, here is the link again for all sorts of MS week items -

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Thanks for raising our awareness!  I did not know this was MS awareness week in the U.S.  

May is MS awareness month in Canada.  I didn't notice much press on it last year.  Lately I have seen a number of TV ads for the "End MS" campaign.  A couple of media outlets recently donated $4 million worth of advertising to the MS Society.  Hopefully the ads continue, and that we see more attention on it this coming May.
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Arrrgh!! I just lost a whole post on this.

Anyway, The Today Show has just had a big segment on MS. Of course, Meredith Vieira's husband has it, and she is quite knowledgeable. They also had a rep from The Nat'l MS Society, a Dr. John Richert. He said that 3 oral drugs in the pipeline, including fingolimod, are likely to be approved shortly, and these would replace the current injectible DMDs, depening on final testing, also on side effects. Nancy Snyderman, NBC's health guru, made the common mistake of saying that DMDs help with symptoms. Even the neuros of some of our members tell them that Copaxone will make them quickly feel better. What a crock. Anyway, there's now a link from the Today site to the Nat'l MS Soc.

Also, this past weekend Today had another piece on MS. There were two young women wearing organge jumpsuits, from the NY chapter, at least one of whom has MS. They were running up 60 stories of some building. I came at the end so I don't know what that was about.

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I haven't had the TV on much this week.  I did get a pamphlet from the MS society.  I did not know about the wearing of orange.  I don't have anything orange.  I guess I will have to fall back on the finger nail polish.
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I had the strangest e-mail a week or two ago, in which the sender's name and subject line both made me suspicious, but only because of some unique naming coincidences.  Turns out it was from a young lady publicizing an MS walk in a town not far from here.

Our county commissioners last night unanimously passed a resolution to name March "National MS Awareness Month" in our county.  (How we have a national month in our one county wasn't made clear to me.)
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Thank you Ess for the heads up on the Today Show.  I would've missed it but saw your post before heading out to work today, so was able to tape it when it was broadcast here later in the morning.

It was a good segment, though I  also did find Dr. Snyderman's comment about the DMD's to be misleading.  

I always have high hopes that I'll learn something new when there is something about MS in the media, but typically, in the timespan of a brief interview, all they can really cover are the basics.  They don't tend to get into what it's actually like to live with MS, and how it affects our daily life with the frustrations and challenges it present to us.  

I'm sure that most of us here possess knowledge about MS that far exceeds anything that can be captured in a few sound bites.  Regardless, I still like to catch these pieces on TV, it's great whenever there's an effort made to educate the public.  

When Meredith V. said MS is commonly confused with muscular dystrophy, I wasn't surprised, as at least 3 or 4 people said that to me when I disclosed my MS to them.  So hopefully the viewers today learned at least a little bit more about MS.  

If anyone catches anything else on TV during the MS awareness week in the U.S., be sure to let us know.  And thanks again to Essie!
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