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"MS" How does your tingling feel? Where is it located?

Hi, i was wondering how the tingling from multiple sclerosis feels for you.

-If you wouldn't mind, could you please explain:

*How does your tingling feel?
*Where is your tingling located?
*How often do you expirience it?
*Do you only get it on your extremities?
*Do you only get it on your torso?
*Do you get it on both your torso and extremities?

Thankyou very kindly :)
Sammy x x x x
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My left bicep twitches most days. Others can see it.
Some days my left leg shakes. This is also visible.
I have been sure I had my phone on vibrate in my lap. lol
Sometimes my back has waves of tingling.
I get painful zaps all the time that move, mostly in my feet but they can go anywhere.
Sometimes for weeks my left face feels like numb.
I get a tremendous itch between the same two fingers on my right hand.
My legs mostly my right will feel asleep for days and weeks.

I started of with numbness the jumping muscles then zaps. I mostly notice at night because I am not distracted.

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I get the tingling almost everywhere as well as spasms & twitches. My feet, legs , face & hands are the most affected though. Sometimes I feel a pulse (like electricity) then the twitching will start & other times I feel the tingling then I what ever body part will go numb. My hands & feet , half of my leg stays numb all the time & I have Bells palsy on the R. side of my face. I also get the zaps & zings everywhere & have tremors. Like HVAC mentioned above you can see my muscles moving unde my skin & pins & needles wake me up at night too. The itchy spells are also bad, it sometimes feels like something is crawlling on you & nothings there. My hand was doing this earlier & the itch turned into a zap in my hand so I let my hand rest & for now its quit. AsHVAC mentioned I also get the feeling like I'm vibrating (geez HVAC I could have written your post lol). At night or when I lay down for a rest it all gets worse for some reason. I hope this helps you!! God bless you & I pray your symptoms subside!
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I get tingling and numbness up and down my back, especially if leaning forward in a sitting position. I get crawling sensation on my scalp. Tingling and numbness in hands and feet that is worse in heat or with exertion. Electric shocks sometimes in my elbows to my fingertips, and the infernal itching, it is way worse when trying to have downtime. On the bottoms of my feet, between my fingers or toes, my back. My arms. The buttock area.  That will drive me crazy as much as anything else.
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I also have many of the same similar symptoms.
used to be only the right side and in the middle of my back would tingle and I get pins and needles really bad in my hand and foot on the right. Now it is both sides.  I have ramdom eye twitches that last for days.  The right eye twitched for 4 months.  The left is off and on.
Facial twitching on the right side comes and goes.
Facial numbness in random spots that fluctuate.
My itching has subsided to the very tip of my right index finger but spreads with heat or exertion.

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lets see, i get tingling and numbness of my feet almost daily, my left arm gets tingly sometimes, the hot and cold flashes are kind of cool...when you have a certain body part get really cold or warm...and nightly leg spasms...i am not taking anything for that because it seemed to hinder compared to actually helping...all in all with some pain and numbness things are not bad at all...
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i have goosebumps in isolated areas you can see them too its odd, i get warmpatches and cold on areas i have one numb patch on my hip that never gets warm but does go hyper sensitive sometimes, i get tingling on my back left shoulder and in my hands and feet constantly specially when its hot.

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I get tingling everywhere, although not at the same time!  I think that at some point almost every bit of me has tingled or buzzed - knee, feet, chin, nose, my right eye, my back, etc.
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Wow, thanks for all your replys guys, you all have such different symptoms, i can relate to the goose bumps in weired parts of my body, they appear in little patches, and i'm not cold when they happen. I get the hot and cold patches of skin, it sometimes feels like someone is putting warm water on my skin, or my skin feels like it is near a heater.

I also get muscle twitches in almost any part of my body and i too can see then just by looking at them.
My tingling sometimes comes in waves over my scalp and down my body but more commonly i get little tingles all over my body but not at the same time.
I get it on my legs, feet, arms, hands, stomach, ribs, underarms, hips etc.
I have not even been diagnosed with MS yet, I'm sure that i have it though.

None of you guys seem to get tingling on your torso???

I have so many other symptoms but i would be here forever....balance, vertigo, buzzing, spasms, etc etc etc....blah blah blah!
Hey Sammy, I have many of the same symptoms as you, however, I was diagnosed with viral myelitis.  Basically, a virus attacked my spinal cord they believe.  I have tingling across my back, hands, feet, hot spots around my body, both knees felt wet like they were submerged in water, body wide muscle twitching...among other things. Until you have a MRI on your brain, cervical and thoracic, it'll be hard to say.  BUT, it could be simple things like lack of vitamin D, or B6 toxicity if you're taking supplements.  Shoot me a message if you want to chat more.  Good luck!
Just letting you know that sammycung hasn't posted anywhere on medhelp since 2010 so is very unlikely to respond to your post to her. Cheers....JJ
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I get tingling on my back, as I said - it's usually in a line around my torso, a little bit above the braline.  

It's in the same area that also gets muscle cramps, and it's in a line with the esophageal spasms I get right behind my sternum.  So my 'uneducated' guess is that I have a lesion there, but my oh-so-wise neuro believes I do not, after looking at the .7T MRI results that he scheduled me for.  No, I'm not bitter!
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Hi Sammy,

I wont go into everything but.........

Q. How does your tingling feel?
A. pins and needles, numb, dead limbs to pain, hot to cold

Q. *Where is your tingling located?
A. Both legs, Both arms, both hands (thumbs & 2 fingers), both feet, nose tip, left cheek, right crows feet area, buttock, left waist between ribs and hip, left ribs (baby hugs)

Q.*How often do you expirience it?
A. Legs everyday for about 20 years, arms everyday for about 15 years, everything else only during episodes starting 6 years ago and adding to my list of weird things

Q. *Do you only get it on your extremities?
A. Mostly but now have the face tingles, baby hugs started 2008, tingle between rib and hip is new to this episode

Q. *Do you only get it on your torso?
A. See above [note: baby hugs for me are both tingling and preasure]

Q.*Do you get it on both your torso and extremities?
A. Yes [see above]

I too am not dx but unless a new disease with my name on it comes along, it's looking like i've had MS for half my life, i'll know at the end of the month.

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I am brand new MS, so I'm not sure which tingling deals with what.  There is a few different I feel. But the most frequent feels like it starts around my chest, and in a straight down across my body, feels like one line of vibration shoots down to around my knees. Happens a couple times an hour minimum. Sometimes it happens 2-3 times a minute. The others haven't happened enough for me to really figure out where exactly it is or what if feels like. Just know that it had happened and took me by suprise.
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Hi there,

I get lots of tingling in my left leg, foot and side. It feels more like a constant thrumming vibration but fairly mild.

I recently went through a period of "firework" like tingling in my scalp, calf and stomach where it felt like a small firework bursting with a tingle then fading out to the thrumming feeling.

I have tremors in my head and left hand now too. Periods of numbness in my foot, burning feeling on various parts of my body. And to add today, I have on and off felt like I have a wet leg. My lower leg feels like I just got out of the shower and forgot to dry off that leg ... strange.

These things can really drive you crazy, huh? I'm undergoing diagnosis now ... delayed some at my fear of needles and my dislike for the doctors here in Germany.

Hang in there. I know it's all so strange. There are great folks on here who can definitely identify with the strange things you are feeling.

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Let's see:

How does my tingling feel?  It feels mostly like pins and needles, though sometimes I get a wet feeling, twitching or stabbing pains.  

Where are they located?  Face: scalp, tongue, uvula, lips & eye lids.  Torso: left side of upper back.  Limbs: left arm, both feet, and left leg up to my knee.

How often?  Every single day for my feet.  The other areas maybe every other day or so.  My facial ones are the least often.  However, I might feel this way because I'm better able to ignore them now that I know why I have them.


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Hi, I'm new here. I'm 35 years old and  am terrified of MS. My left pinky and sometimes one foot or the other feels "weird". I can still walk and control them though. This has been going on for at least 12 years. Don't seem to have numbness or tingling in my body. Have had eyelid twitching and major muscle pain. Wonder if it's Fibromyalgia rather than Ms. Any ideas?
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Hi.  Your comment is at the end of this thread.  More people will see your post and have an opportunity to comment if you create a new question.

Welcome. Looking forward to your "Post a Question."
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  well  that  muscle pain  could b  from  a  spasum - i have had them  where it goes clear  2  the bone!??  - hurt  very  bad-

so  it could b  a  nu.  of things  i  hope!  let  us know!  hugs  tick
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I started experiencing that same thing just few weeks ago, is it MS? Should I go to a doctor?
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all the stories i have read sounds like me. i just went to a doctor because i thought i was going crazy. numbness in patches throughout my head time tand tingling like its sleeping.my spine in all  areas my left arm and both my legs and feet/the doctor wants to run all sorts of test, but i am so burned out/ i have been in and out of the hospitals like a revolving door.i have had so many cat scans and mri's my hair is starting to fall out. its comforting to see other people experiecing the same thing,so i don't feel like i;am going nuts
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can you tell me why you have them
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I have the identical feeling on my calf (feels like i forgot to dry it) and then sometimes there is a hot sensation.  I would love to to hear what your doctors tell you about it.  I hear that Germany has some of the best health care in Europe.  You can email me at ***@****
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   Its feels sort of like electric tingles and it travels from my scalp down to the
     very tip of my spine. I only experienced it once just now and can someone
    tell me what it is?? And does anyone even know??
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You are the only other person I have read anything by, that also uses the term buzzed, that is how I would explain my ms tingling or whatever is a buzzing feeling
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I get the "buzzing" feeling too! :)  
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Hi I know this is old. But I have been looking for someone that get a line on the back right about in the area of the bra line. You are the first that I found. Mine only happen once, but i thought it would never go away. But i was under a lot of stress at the time bc of my daughter who was 8 months at the time was in the hospital. that was over 5 months ago. And I had serve weekness in my right leg.
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