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MS Specialist

Can anyone recommend a good neurologist who specializes in MS? I live in Northern Virginia, Fairfax, to be precise. I am looking for a doctor who is sympathetic and will take the time to listen to me as well as explain things and answer questions. Thanks
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I hope you find a great place to go.  I'm not sure of any place good.  I traveled out of state to go to an MS specialist and it was a total waste of my time.  I can only tell you where not to go.  I can send you a personal message with that info if you like.
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I live in the N. VA area and would highly reccommend Dr. Torentino at Georgetown University Hospital.  He works closely with the NIH and Hopkins.  Most people around her would say that Hopkins is ok to go for an initial eval, but you are better off going to someone closer to home since we need ongoing care.  Hopkins is a bit away, but if you don't mind driving then the only other issue you would have to consider is getting an appointment. It takes a long time to get that first appointment,  Ess, who is a Hopkins patient I believe, loves them though

There is also this lady doctor who has a practice in Fairfax.  I think they actually have an MS center/office. He name is Heidi something or other.  You can google it and probably find it.  My co-worker was seeing her and really liked her and her partners.  She does have a policy that you pay up front and get reimbursed by your insurance company.  They don't take insurance.

Hope that helped.
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Thank you all for your suggestions. Actually, I was thinking about going to Hopkins - it's not too far distance wise, but it does mean an hour and a half of very heavy traffic. It's ironic, but my husband and I have been seriously thinking of moving to Greenville, SC when we retire in a couple of years. If we do, I'll be sure to look up Dr. Hughes.
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If Greenville, South Carolina is not to far for you, I would suggest Dr. Mary Hughes. She is on the MS Society Board; and she's very sharp, she listens, and she really seems to care about her patients.
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I am far south of you but what about Johns Hopkins or is that too far? Folks from down here go up to their Neurology Department.
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I'm in Ohio, and love my neuro but that is a bit far to drive for you!

Check out the directory listing of MS centers through this organization -  these are all specially trained in the treatment of MS.


We do have members here from VA so hopefully one of them will have a name or two to suggest.

Welcome to the forum here - I hope you will find this site useful for you.

be well,
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