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MS Symptoms Can Resemble a Stroke

Hi, MSers,

I think its' so interesting that not long after I visited the ER with stroke symptoms (which the ER MD thought could be MS) I received the MSAA's summer edition of their magazine, "The MSAA Motivator" in which in their "Ask The Doctor" section they discussed "can MS Lesions Mimic a Stroke?"  It's almost like they were speaking directly to me!!  They said that new lesions on MRI are worrisome, but are to be expected in MS, but that brain atrophy is more worrisome (I have both!).

I recommend that everyone here, including Limbolanders, sign up for the MSAA Motivator.  I have found it to be an enlightening and sometimes comforting magazine!!

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MS can look like a stroke.  My sister looks like she has had a stroke- left foot drop, left side of face droopy, left arm weak . . .  She's had other symptoms besides the ones mentioned above that's left her unable to walk and what looked like a stroke on the onset.  Even her current neurologist said he was thinking that she may have had a stroke at first.  The MRI of the brain and neck revealed a different story.  She also was unlikely candidate for stroke because she had really low blood pressure, low cholesterol, etc. She was diagnosed with RRMS, after seeing three other neurologists who couldn't figure out what was going on.  Her neurologist is now thinking she's entering chronic progressive MS because her MS just never remits.
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Thanks for sharing about the other magazine, Neurology Now.   I will look into it!

Another thing the MSAA does is offer a free book-lending service from their MS library of books.  They will even pay for the shipping to and from your home!  But, of course, a donation is requested.  I have used that service several times!  There are also videos on various MS subjects that you can watch on their website any time of day - some are well over an hour long.  MSAA is a great org!


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When I awoke 13.5 months ago to a world that was spinning crazily, I thought I'd had a stroke.  When the symptoms returned in October, that was the first thing that my PCP looked for.
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MSAA is a great organization and offers lots of things, including a lovely magazine.  They also do assistance for medical equipment and MRI's if your insurance is lacking.  

I can't encourage everyone enough to take WAF's advice and check them out on line........  msaa.org

Another free magazine that I get regularly is Neurology Now, from the American Academy of Neurology.  They write on all types of neurological disorders - Parkinson's MS, Epilepsy, migraine, etc in each issue.  You can sign up for this one at www.neurologynow.com

thanks for sharing this WAF.... its important to do these reminders regularly for all of our new friends.

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