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MS and Heart Failure Fact or Fiction

I was Diagnosed With MS 2 days ago the 7th of Dec 2010. I want to know if MS can cause congestive heart failure?
I asked this because 3 weeks ago I ended up being rushed to the hospital and being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. So does anybody know if MS can cause this? Thank you Jesse
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The heart is innervated by the vagus nerve (CN10) so bradycardia would be something to look for.  As far as Congestive Heart Failure, AFib or Cardiomyopathy,  I'd say that they are unrelated to MS.  We can't blame everything on MS.  MS is a "disease of the central nervous system."

Congestive Heart Failure is a general term and can refer to left heart failure where blood pools in the lungs causing "cardiac asthma" or right heart failure with blood pooling in the peripheral vessels. Cardiomyopathy (loss of muscle contractility) can be a cause of heart failure.  AFib is a atrial arrhythmia that prevents an efficient pumping action of the right atria.  Chronic AFib can lead to clot formation and pulmonary embolisms.

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Hi Jesse,

I dont think i've said hello and welcome yet, so hello and welcome! I'm glad you found this wonderful little community but I am sorry you have been dx with MS. Its a good idea to read the community health pages, top right of your screen, yellow icon, it will help answer some of your questions and those answers not found there, please feel free to ask anything at all, no subject is off limits. If you need an answer then the community will do their collective best to help come up with an answer for you.

I can't answer your question sorry, i dont off hand recall any research that mentions a direct connection for MS and congestive heart failure but there has been a few members who have had heart attacks or other heart conditions. I'm sure someone will come along shortly and be able to help you with your question. If i come across anything in the research i've so far collected i'll pass it on tomorrow, its late a night here in Australia and time for me to go to bed. :-)

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I am sorry you are having two traumatic things at once. It must be overwhelming. You have come to the right place for emotional support. I have not heard of MS a Neurological Disease causing congestive heart failure but I am no Doctor. I have heard of congestive heart failure in extreme cases with the treatments for MS but not MS itself. May be someone has.

How are you doing with all this overwhelming news at once?

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Hi and welcome :)
I have a friend that has had heart problems for years. Cardiac myopathy and atial fib. She was diagnosed with MS a few months ago.....so who knows!
With this horrible disease, I say any thing is possible!
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Welcome, but very sorry to hear of your dx.  Sounds like you have had a rough time, and I hope you're doing better!

MS can affect the autonomic nervous system - bladder,bowel, sexual function - but it looks like in relation to the heart, the research isn't clear.

I was referred to a cardio during my dx process and I asked him about this.  He didn't know anything about MS and it's affect on the heart.  

Glad you found this site.  I have found it to be great for support and information.
Feel better!
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Hi caperbeauty,

welcome to the forum here. I'm sorry to hear about your dx of MS, but remembert hat for most of us this disease can be managed and we find a peaceful coexistance with doctors and medicines and body problems.  Give yourself some time to work through the  idea of MS - it does become a simpler thought.

As for the congestive heart failure question, I would think that it is not related to the MS.  CHF is a  structural problem with the heart and not a nerve response.  Congestive Heart Failure is a really frightening term, but keep in mind there are variations of CHF.  CHF is not a death sentence and I hope the doctors have explained that to you.

Honestly, as we age most of us have decreased heart function and fall within the dx of CHF, if even in just a very mild version.  The heart is a muscle and it can wear out or be damaged just like all other muscles.

All that said, would you care to share more details about either or both diagnosis?  I am a heart attack survivor and know a bit about CHF and decreased cardiac functions as well as confirmed MS.    I'm happy to chat with you at any time.

BTW - I just talked with an MS neuro the other night about autonomic function and MS - he says it is extremely rare and affects less than 5% of MS patients.  I hope that is of some comfort.  We have enough to worry about without being concerned with breathing, and sleeping and the heart beating.

be well, Lulu

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well i dont know but the heart is a muscle - a neighbor -he was 58- with ms  well. i cant - but yeh why wouldnt it?
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MS doesn't directly effect muscles like Muscular Dystrophy does.  We get muscle spasm, but the muscles are fine, the nerves are just causing the voluntary skeletal muscles to  spasm.  The cardiac muscle is not controlled that way.  It has its own internal pacemakers and not subject to voluntary control like skeletal muscles.

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I be one of those (5%) concerned about breathing.  
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Hi Jesse,  Welcome to our community and support group.  I am sorry that you are sick and facing two major illnesses at once.  One is bad enough.  You have already been given information, I just wanted to encourage you to ask any question you have.  We talk about everything here!

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I wish to thank you all for your responses I appreciate it.I have 4 issues going on with me.
I had spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago which I now need to see my neuro surgeon this week coming
I may need another surgery so I maybe in the hospital over Christmas
Then getting diagnosed this week with MS
The congestive heart failure 3 weeks ago and finding out at the same time
that my liver is producing to much iron so I may need to be bleed out every week
So I agree with COBOB that maybe it don;t cause heart failure but does it cause any of these other things i mentioned. I am new to this so I have no clue. My neurologist said we will discuss treatment and other matters after my surgery
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thank you bob- i assumed- it would, i needed some good news!
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Hi Jesse

I just wanted to join the others in welcoming you to the forum and also sending you love and support. I read your post and responses and am struck by your courage at what you are facing. It is hard enough finding out about your congenital heart problem and then also being diagnosed with MS. And then having to possibly face spinal surgery over christmas.

I am wondering how you are coping with all this, and hope that you have supportive friends and family around you. I am unable to offer any insight into your medical queries, but we are lucky on this forum to have many knowledgeable people and someone can nearly always help with questions.

Anyhow I just wanted to say thinking of you and let us know how you get on.

With best wishes and hope Santa fills your stocking with some presents to make you smile..you deserve to be spoiled this year.

Love Sarah x

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I am grateful that I have found this community and I feel welcome here.You asked if I had support well my friends are very supportive but they are kind of leery too My family are supportive from a distance.You see they all live hundreds of miles from me.
I think I handle all of this with a spiritual way of thinking. Don't get me wrong I am really scared.I believe and know that everything happens for a reason and sometimes we have no idea what that reason is. I do know however it is in the way we handle the trials and tribulation that count.Yes I get depressed a lot but I think when i am depressed that I feel the most inspiration for writing and creating. Anyway I know I will have many more questions in the future and thanks to this community I will get support and answers
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Hi,  my name is Michele.   I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 I had open heart surgery in 2005.   It was a bloodless one and they found no reason for my heart attack.  I'm 52yrs now and I also have arthritis and a rare migraine disorder they last 4-6 months.   If you would like to speak more, ask any questions.

May the Lord walk with you,

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Hi SS1 -

Welcome to the group. THis thread is pretty old. Most of the participants no longer visit the forum. I just didn't want you to think you were being ignored :-)

Why not Post a Question and introduce yourself.

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