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MS and Lymes Disease

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and still learning my way around.  I was diagnosed with MS, 5 years ago.  My symptoms have included, optic neuritis, temporary vision loss, tingling in extremities, a hot sensation in hands and feet at night while sleeping, occasional dizziness and fatigue.  I was positively diagnosed with an MRI.  My question is:  Has anyone also been tested for Lymes Disease?  I have been reading about this, and the symptoms are VERY similar (even lesions on an MRI).  I was just wondering if anyone had been misdiagnosed in the past.  Thank you for any input, Nicoal
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I have not been dx'd with ms.. still kinda in limbo. At this time, I am going back and forth with ms or Lyme.

I have so far experienced alot of the ms symptoms that are also very comparable to lyme. I have read on the lyme forum and have asked some questions there regarding some of the things I have had over the years.

slurred speech, "dead legs" left hand tremor, optic neuropathy, nystagmus, dizziness, noise intoloerance, ear clicking, muscle spasms, twitching, and vibrating, numbness. I have been dx'd with seizure disorder around 3 yrs. ago, never had them before.

My MRI's have been clear, my VEP is abnormal consistent with demyelination, EEG's abnormal, I was tested more than once through the Elisa test and it came back negative. However, when I was 17 yrs. old,  I had Cat Scratch Disease (Bartonella) which is a coinfection of Lyme disease. Since I have been asking alot of questions on the lyme forum, my wheels in my brain started to spin. Could it be possible that I actually still have bartonella along with lyme disease and it is not being picked up by certain tests?

I am now going to seek out a Lyme Literate DR. (LLMD) and hope to be tested by IGeneX Lab and to look for other coinfections that are possibly lurking around. I have been told that the Elisa test is not always accurate, especially if the little critters are hiding. (I know sounds gross)

Are you thinking that you might have lyme and Not ms?
I have read and found that alot of people are sometimes misdiagnosed, but in other cases they have both. I am also on the Lyme forum and they are very helpful over there.

This is a great place to be. Take Care.
Pam :)
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When I was being considered for MS, they ran a Lyme test on me, as well as testing me for heavy metal poisoning and syphillis.  I think they also did a anti-phospho-lipase syndrome test.  The lesions are a little different, and you would exhibit flu-like symptoms.

Here's a website with pictures of different kinds of lesions - it's great when you don't know what you're looking at.

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Lyme's usually causes joint involvement and other osteoarthritis symptoms not seen in MS.  Lyme's is a known MS mimic that needs to be ruled out to meet that "Diagnosis of exclusion" for MS.

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Yep, I was tested as most of us were since it's an MS mimic. Mine was negative.

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Hi and welcome.  Can you back up and tell us how your diagnosis for MS was made? NEurologists usually need some pretty solid proof before they will give this name to problems.

Perhaps you are like so many of us here, and wondering all the time if the doctor(s) got it wrong or right?  I know I am also wondering about my dx.  

Yes, people are sometimes misdiagnosed and havetheir dx changed.  Have you asked your doctor about Lyme disease?  They normally run the blood work to check for Lyme when they are working through a dx.

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My Lymes test was negative.  I have read of false negatives whereby patients had been successfully treated for Lymes after years of thinking they had MS
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