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MS dx with normal evoked potentials?

My results for visual, auditory, and somatosensory evoked potentials all came in as normal. I have at least 9 head lesions, O bands in my CSF, and a bunch of MS symptoms. I haven't seen my Neuro since LP and EP tests, and won't see him till May. I believe I've been tested for all other possible diseases that might fit, all negative.

What are the chances of MS dx with normal evoked potentials? Anyone else been dx'd with normal EP's?

Thanks,   Mike
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Sure, it's very possible to have MS but normal EPs. EPs show damage in selected areas where MS often attacks, but of course not everyone has lesions there. It's a sort of hit or miss, much like optic neuritis. Positive results lend credence to an MS diagnosis, but negative results don't prove anything.

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Thanks Ess. I just received a phone call from my Doctor's office. He wants me to come in and see him tomorow. I'm not waiting for any other test results, so???  Maybe he talked to my neuro about the O bands. Who knows. My wife says she's nervous...so am I, but I don't want to admit it.

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First, ess gave you the straight scoop.  Negative EPs prove nothing.  Positive EPs are fair evidence pointing toward MS.  Here are the data about how often people with MS have positive Evoked Potential.  The data were taken from combining the results of 26 different research series, and all involved over 1000 patients.

Visual Evoked Response

In people with Definite MS and a clinical history of ON - very close to > 90% had an abnormal VEP.

In people with Definite MS without a clinical history of ON the VEP is still abnormal in close to 50%

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response

Definite MS

- 67% positive when they had brainstem symptoms.

38% positive withput a clinical history of brainstem symptoms

SomatoSensory Evoked Potentials

- 77% positive with history of snesory abnormalities in that limb

- 42% positive without sensory symptoms in the limbs tested.

So, you can see that negative EPs do not prove anything, but can provide great evidence of clinically silent lesions.

Mike, remember that a negative LP cannot negate a diagnosis of MS.  Just the same negative EPs cannot rule out MS either.


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