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MS fatigue and "stimulants"

Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I've been on MH. I wish you all well.
Anyway, I was just wondering if I could ask you about prescription stimulants...provigil, ritalin, adderall and so on.
Do many of you take any of these for the debilitating MS fatigue? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and/or experiences with these, or other types of similar meds.
Thanks so much! DA
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Good morning,

I jumped right on that one, i have the severe fatigue. I am also dizzy 24/7 and have been for 6 yrs.  I take provigil for the fatigue.  Its expensive but one of safer drugs, it is not narcotic either.  And it works for me, i was given adderall but it didnt seem to work at all for my fatigue.  Plus it is narcotic and addicting.

I was recently in a drug rehab recently to get off of methodone that my dr had given me for pain, a long story...they also took away my sleeping pill.  They were okay with provigil and they are very careful, we couldn't even have aspirin or coffee.

That is the way I would go if it were me.

hugs, meg

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I'm also on Provigil.  Currently my insurance company won't pay for it but I am getting enough "samples" from my doctor.

My doctor tried me on Vynasse (whatever the spelling - new one that starts with a V).  I had a horrible time using that.  I felt like a rabbit on speed.  I wanted to get up and start doing jumping-jacks but since my legs weren't working at that time that wasn't an option.  It took a lot of will-power not to just get up and try and run around.  Then it would end, then a bit later it would start again.  Horrible feeling for me.  (Others are fine on it so you really should try different medicines to see what works best for you.)

First we had tried Provigil but it caused significant heart palpitations.  So that is why we tried the Vy??? drug.  

So then it was off everything and I couldn't function and started the paperwork for disability.  So in conjuction with my doctor and with the pharmacy help line for Provigil it was determined that for me it would be ok to cut the 200mg pill into smaller pieces.  (Note - this is an option for me - don't try this without your doctors ok.)  We found that my heart could tolerate a 50mg dose.  (Provigil only comes in 100mg and 200 mg pills).  That worked good for about 9 months.  Now I am up to 75mg.  That is because the 50mg was no longer effective.

One thing that I and others have found on Provigil is that it can take up to 2 - 3 months for you to see consistent improvement.  It's not supposed to "build up" in your system but for whatever reason I was doubtful about the first month or two and then all of sudden I was a brand new person.  I'm working a part-time schedule now.  My co-workers have all commented on the amazing difference in me.

So I'm a Provigil success story but it has been rough.  And remember, my insurance won't cover it.  But when the choice comes to being an invalid in your home or being able to work and leave the house then you have to make hard choices.

Good luck, Jules
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I am using Amantadine.  Works okay.  I do not know that much about it.  My understanding though is that it is cheap than Provagil,  but some say it did nothing for them.
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Thats interesting Jules, I have always been on provigil and it helped from day one, its not as good now but I think I am just worse overall.  But its still the best.  

My insurance has always paid half of the cost But they are balking now so I dont know what will happen. I am on medicare now and it messed with everything.

hugs, meg
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I took Provigil for about eight months, sometimes 100 mg, sometimes 200 mg per day, depending on the day.  It worked great at the beginning but eventually stopped working.  So I went on Adderal for about six months and the same thing.  It worked at first but not so much as time went by.  I am back on Provigil and it is working again but not very good.  I keep cutting my hours down at work because of the fatigue but it is beginning to get the best of me.  What is the "Vy" drug because I know I will need something else soon.  And my insurance was paying for Provigil the first time but they won't pay for it now; same company-go figure.  But my doctor gave me about three months in samples and said the reps are not going to give out samples soon.  Sooo I will be looking for something else soon because I have to work 32 hours per week to keep my medical insurance.
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You know, i was not thinking, but possibility provigil is not working as well..i just assumed I have had too much going on and was sicker. I dont want that to happen because I am afraid of the other drugs for fatigue.

Have you tried anything that works like it does?  Tried adderall and it was not as good.

hugs, meg
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