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MS-like symptoms, MRI report mentions demyelination but neurologist not concerned

My husband (37 y/o) has had symptoms for several years including severe panic attack-like chest pain, extreme fatigue, restless legs, depression, feverish headaches, foggy thinking, dizzy spells, and more recently, blurred vision in his right eye (not correctable with glasses), overactive bowels, tingling/pain in arms, hip and joint pain, trouble straightening out legs after squatting/sitting...After researching online, I finally took him to see a neurologist and get an MRI. He got a brain MRI without contrast, and the report says: "Plaque-like T2 and Flair high signal shadow is noted beside posterior horn of left lateral ventricle, the boundary is clear". Summary states "Abnormal signal is noted beside posterior horn of left lateral ventricle; demyelination is considered." The neurologist, knowing MS was a concern we had, basically said that's not a concern, and that more likely, neurosis is the problem and to take Chinese herbs and do meditation. I only read the report after getting home, so now I am a little concerned again...By the way, we are in China, have been living here for over 5 years. Any input would be much appreciated!
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If I were in your husband's shoes, this is what I would do.  

I would arrange for vitamin D, B12 and magnesium testing and address deficiencies ASAP. In particular because an overactive bowel issue can cause the equivalent of malnutrition.

I would ask to be referred for a sleep study, because untreated sleep disturbances can cause neurological problems.

Did your husband have imaging done of the back and hips?  Some of his symptoms could be the result of disc herniation or compression of the spinal cord.  Joint pain is not a symptom of ms, so something else is definitely going on.

A linear lesion beside the ventricles would make one wonder about ms, but there is no mention that the hyperintensity is this characteristic shape, which is likely why the neuro isn't concerned at this point.  Additionally a single lesion is of low concern, and there are other things that will cause non-linear lesions in the PV area.

I doubt it's neurosis.  But at this point it is more likely a combination of other things than ms.  I would start with the above and keep us posted :).
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