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MS or Diabetes?

Fat, female, 50, fatigued, very heat sensitive. Father was a type II diabetic.  I have a BMI of 31.  One of my sons was nearly 10 pounds at birth.  I walk half an hour most days.  Can walk on a flat surface forever (as long as it's cool), but one flight of stairs gets me winded.  Don't smoke or drink.
Lousy family history for heart disease.  Recent  nuclear stress test  was fine.  High blood pressure controlled by medicine, and Zocor for cholesterol.
Frequent urination, including 4-5 times at night.  Had a UTI in September, my second ever.
Two months ago, the skin on one side of my stomach got numb and tingly.  I chalked it up to a long plane ride and jeans digging in my waist, but it hasn't gone away.  A week later, all my fingers and toes started getting the same thing.  It's constant, but I notice it especially after a hot bath, or at night in bed.
I've only had a fasting glucose > 100 once, but  <110.  Most recent was 98.  Never had a glucose tolerance test.
Scheduled for a sleep study and EMG next week, appt with PCP right after Christmas for results.  EMG sounds scary because of the diseases that get linked to it on searches, like ALS.  My physical therapist SisInLaw says sounds like MS, but muscles and nerves are her bag.  The fatigue, heat sensitivity, paresthesia, frequent urination, and dizzy spells kind of go along with that, too.  Don’t have muscle weakness, but feet cramp often, and I get stabby feelings in them sometimes.
Dr. Ramsetty on the Type II Diabetes board says it is unlikely I have diabetic neuropathy, but to ask for a glucose tolerance test anyway and maybe referral to a neurologist. Great. Am I going to get bad news in a couple of weeks?  Does this sound like MS (or worse) to you? Thanks.
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Hello, I have Severe Obstructive sleep apnea. I stop breathing when diagnosed 64x in an hour...i wear my Bi pap religiously...I started on a C-pap and now 8 years later am on Bi pap --To have your tissue trimmed in your throat is not recommended...and not usually done It is  July 2015..If you do and you drink anything an cough it come out of your nose.  Our janitor in my school bldg and my sister did and regret it.  My sister did and yet  now has to be on the C Pap..I am on a Bi- Pap...My Father died of a busted aorta..due to the fact when u do nothing for Sleep apnea and do not wear your c or bi pap..it puts a strain on your heart.  the heart is a muscle...If you are not breathing and bringing in enough air into your body your muscle aka heart enlarges...you then get high blood pressure...and such.  I wholly recommend you--consider wearing a c-papa...My sisters started out and my nephews also sleep apnea started out as mild yet it progresses into more severe over time..I saw my Dad suffer....Please be wise...Laura
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I have one question:

When you urinate is there typically a lot of urine that comes out or very little?

If there is a lot of urine each time you urinate that is a sign its diabetes.

I have type 1 myself.
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Yeah, harding cats.  Hey!  Anyone ever try to herd 200 head of cat across state lines?

It's like trying to nail JELLO to a tree!

I think I was talking to you, but I won't swear to it and will deny it if put on the stand.

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Hi.  I'm not sure if your question was really directed to me or to Mary Kay.  If it's me, the reason is I don't want to ask my PCP for a specific test when she's been SO MUCH MORE responsive than many others we read about here and already sent me to the neurologist and ordered the sleep study and first MRIs, etc.  I'm also not so tired anymore, and I don't want to look like I'm a hypochondriac or have Munchausen's or something.

On the other hand, I've blown my outrageous deductible on MRIs, so let the spending commence!  Gonna schedule a colonoscopy before the end of the year, too. Maybe I should ask for a GTT because of the possible ischemic cause of the punctate WMLs?

As for hemoglobin, I can't lay hands on a complete lab report right now, but it hasn't ever been mentioned as abnormal.

Now if it's Mary Kay, she just hasn't had it done yet, but it's scheduled.  And her do-it-yourself fasting glucose is pretty high at 135.

Keeping track of all of us is a little like herding cats, don't you think?  Cats with beans in their ears?
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Okay, dear heart, and what is your reason for not getting the GTT?

With the glucose levels you have reported to us, I do not believe your problems are because of diabetes either.  Is your Hemoglobin A1c normal?

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Oops! forgot to tell you...I have sleep apnea and use a cpap. I love it.  I wouldn't go through the night without it.  If you are tired everyday, you might want to give it a try.  I have found that these days I am very fatigued even with that help...
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Haven't had the GT test yet.  I don't have any other symptoms. No thirst or frequent urination.  I never even have to get up in the night!  When I have checked my blood sugar with one of those "***** your finger" testers, it is a bit high in the morning.  Usually around 135 or so.  If I watch my intake of carbs, it goes down.  Honestly, I don't think my neuropathy is from diabetes even if I have it.  The feet started going numb about 8 years ago and I'm pretty sure my blood sugar was OK then.  I have gained quite a bit of weight since then, unfortunately. You are right. This blog is wonderful.  If I have to wait a long time to find out what's wrong, at least I have this support.  Thanks everyone!
Mary Kay
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Hi, there.  It's been a while since I started this thread, and I've had every test BUT a glucose tolerance.  To answer jazzy's question, no, I do not have unquenchable thirst.  I've lost a little weight since then, and I'm handling stairs better.  I've been dx with transverse myelitis.  I have two or three lesions in my spinal cord (different machines and radiologists) and some punctate ones in my brain.  The brain ones might be from all the years of high blood pressure, although it's been treated all along.  My LP showed inflammation in the spinal fluid, but no raised iGg index or o-bands.  The EMG says it's not peripheral, and of course, the spinal cord MRI says it's central.  I've had the tinglies go almost completely away, then come back for a week or so a couple of times.  I visit the neurologist again in October.  Oh, I've also had a normal VEP.

My reading on the punctate paraventricular white matter brain lesions says glucose intolerance or prediabetes can cause them, as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  So only time will tell if they're vascular or MS, but coupled with the spinal ones and the return of symptoms, guess which way I think it's going to go.  I've gotten a bit dizzy when out in the heat, but I haven't given it a real good challenge yet this year.

The sleep study shows I have very mild sleep apnea when on my side, but pretty bad on my back.  I only slept on my back because the guy told me to, so I'm not too concerned about that.  With high blood pressure, the doc thinks the mild one is worth treating, but I'm not willing to go the CPAP or tissue-trimming route without losing the rest of the weight first, and of course, getting the MS possibility settled.

It was after the normal EMG that my doctor started the MRI and MS route.

How's your fasting glucose, and do you have other diabetes-like symptoms?  The people on this forum are awesome about explaining anything and everything.  Good luck to both of us, indeed.

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I am going through the same things you are.  I have seen a neurologist, and will get a glucose tolerance test next along with some blood work.  I have had neuopathy in my feet for at least 8 years and basically ignored it after a doctor told me I probably wore tight shoes as a child, but when my hands started getting numb about 6 months ago, I finally decided to bring it up to my doctor again. Good luck to both of us.
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Hello and I second the welcome Bananas. I am a type 1 diabetic and understand all your worries. Do you have unquenchable thirst that goes along with the frequent urinating?  Emg's are very useful for showing the damage and it can be from different types of disease.

Yes please keep us updated on what you find out.

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Hi and Welcome,

Get screened for diabetes properly with a glucose tolerance test will be your first step.  You should also be screened for thryoid problems which can be an issue.

Being overweight can contribute to the heat intollerance.  Tell your doctor your symptoms and concerns and get treated.

In the meantime stay as active as you can.  Things can sometimes happen very fast in MS, but often it happens slowly..... but then, you're not diagnosed with MS and chances are this can be explained by other things.

Keep logging in here and let us know how you go with your PCP.  Others here are also very supportive and will give you good feedback.

Before you see your dr. try to make a list of your symptoms and also when you noticed they started.  It you want to post it here people can give you more feedback.

Take care.

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