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MS pain or Nerve pain?

I have been getting a lot of pain especially in my spine for some time, but I get pain in different areas all the time as well as fatigue. I also have an unbearable intolerance to the heat,sometimes having to jump in the shower to cool down quick sometimes if I get too hot I will have an anxiety attack. Also can MS cause seizures.
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According to the Mayo Clinic website, seizures are three to six times more common in people with MS than in the general population.  The anxiety attacks are probably not caused by MS, but having one problem doesn't make you immune to having another problem-unfortunately.  Weakness, and other sensory problems are what most of us get from being too hot.

I recommend getting an MRI for starters.  If you can rule out lesions as a source for your pain, then there are nerve conduction studies- but they are painful (voice of experience).  Alternatively, you can ask your primary care doctor for a prescription for gabapentin (Neurontin), and gradually ramp up the dosage.  It may give you some pain relief, as the usual pain killers don't work for nerve pain.

Another option that may help with both nerve pain and anxiety:  Cymbalta is supposed to be helpful with both.  I have any actual experience with it, but it's worth a try- and I think you can make arrangements to get the first month free.

Best of luck to you.
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Sorry- typo in my original post. - I don't have any experience with Cymbalta.  But a friend of mine takes it for depression and fibromyalgia.  And recently the commercials for it say it helps with pain management.  She said (my friend) it takes some time to help- but all the other nerve pain meds do too.  

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question I really feel much better just to have somewhere to go when I need to. I have had seizures for 15yrs and now Im told there not true epileptic seizurse so they took me off all medications and I felt great for a couple of months,then the pain set in and now Im on endep but I still get a lot of pain, I know it sounds weired but its allways different each day. Thanks again.
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