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MS possible help

Hi, I am 36 have been headaches almost daily for 2 yrs, my pcp orderded an mri of the brain 9/06 came back that there are lesions on the brain,  said it can occur with migraines but several foci suspicious for demylenating disease, I had several tests run, lymes, lukemia, lupus, all neg, had evoked potentails also normal, dr asked if I ever had an MS episode, only thing I can remember is 6 years ago mid way through my pregnancy both hands were numb and painfull at the time the said tendonitis, as for the last 8 to 9 months feeling extremly tired, little lightheaded and dizzy sometimes, muscle aches, a feeling of being "worn out'  vision probs, 4 weeks ago my vision looked "wavy" (like you see when the sun has been beating down on something for a long period) and could not see anything out of my lower left eye, no pain but lasted for about 15 minutes, scared the daylights out of me, neuro says maybe aura from migraines, and also my arms and hands have been numb and my palms have been itchy, I have fallen a couple for no apparent reason too lately, neuro ordered an mri of spine for demylenation,  so here I am a year later and no diagnosis, "clinically possible ms"  frustrated not knowing whats going on.. please tell me what you think.. also heart rate has been high 106+ do ms pateints have increased heart rates?
thanks for taking the time to read this..
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also my creatinine levels were low  and my bun/creat calc was high on my 7/6 blood work?
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Very sorry to hear about your poss MS diagnosis.I was taken ill last JUly , se emy other posts, and they said they could not rule out neoplasm, i was very ill. Then MS  was talked about. I am still going through tests. They don't know. I had the elevated heart rate too, which i had tachycardia from alot during my inflammation periods w brain. It was terrible. But i do also have MVProlapse. Its tough with all the tests and then a not knowing. Keep up w dr;s and be overly persistent. I ahd a 1.2 cm lesiona nd 1.4 on frontal lobe etc. Keep up hope that you will find out.I have a good MS dr,.trying to help me. Peace  K
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I'm interested also . . . is there a connection with tachycardia and MS?  
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hi, Welcome to the forum!  I'm sorry for all that you're going through.  It sounds like some of the spot on the MRI were non-specific (and migraine disease can cause those), but that some had the characteristics of demyelination as in MS (which is the most common demyelinating disease in your age)  In fact, for women the mean onset is 35 years.

And you have had some symptoms that are also non-specific, but would certainly fall intothe realm of possible MS.  You said your neuro had ordered an MRI of the spine.  When was this?  Do you have the results yet?  Your EP's were normal.  Have they done an LP?  That would be the next step - along with a repeat MRI of the brain.  If MS enters into the "possible" realm, then they are obligated to continue monitoring you for quite a while (that means repeat neuro exams and MRI's) to see if it will declare itself enough to warrant the beginning of Disease Modifying Therapy.  Do you have any abnormalities on your neurologic exam?  Balance, reflexes, coordination?

So, when did you deliver?  Because MS is most likely to manifest itself in the several months right after delivery.  If your vision went wonky, you need a repeat MRI of the brain (though the episode sounded brief)  Did the vision thing last less than a day?  If so, it is unlikely a flare-up of MS.  

The increased in heart beat is not a part of MS.  Many things can cause it including high anxiety sttes, such as you might be in with the suggestion that you might have MS. Other things include simple answers like anemia.   MS is not a death warrant, and meds are available to slow it down.  

We have a lot of people here in exactly the same situation as you.  The difference is that you have lesions on the brain and suggestive nruologic symptoms.  This next round of repeat tests (AND you DO need a repeat MRI of the Brain with and without contrast)  ask your docotr to add it to the spine MRI so you don't have to be injected with contrast twice.  I'm really serious about this.  As soon as the neuro said, "possible MS" you should have been planned for a repeat MRI.

Your increased heart rate should be checked out thoroughly.  The fatigue and dizziness might be cardiac related.

There's no such thing as a creatinine level that's too low, so don't worry about that.  It can only be too high.  The computer flags it as LOW because it is unusual and there is a lower range of normal, but it's not really a problem.  If the creatinine was low that would automatically raise the BUN/creat calculated ratio.  I would dismiss both of those things from my worry.

I hope this helps.  Please try to get the neuro to add the repeat Brain MRI.  Quix
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thanks so much, yes my mri of spine is tomorrow, and my 3rd mri of brain will be in december, 1st 9/06 mribrain, 2nd 12/06 brain no change, all with and without contrast.  evp 5/7 normal, no LP yet he said need 24 hour episode for that, prgnancy  delivered 2/2002, but had the pain in hands around 9/6 till about 4/2002. eye prob only lasted about 15 minutes, never had it before.  but every now and again I get that pain behind the left eye, but had eyes checked all ok.. neuro exam reflexesand all were ok he never said.  also this is a weird one, elevators when i get off I feel like i'm gonna fall over and escalators the same thing I sorta fall backwards, and looking out over bridges forget it I feel like I'm falling, phobia or what? also 2 years ago had trouble with my ears vibrating mainly right one, buzzing, itching and really "wet", said inner ear infection, but antibitics didn't help it, lasted a few months and went away, I keep trying to think of things that could be......I really don't think my neuro "speciallizes n ms only" so my hubby found one in pittsburgh and thats all he does is ms, have an appt in feb with him. I am just frustrated as many are that are in my situation, my mominlaw think fibro myalgia? does that create lesions? the lesions don't go away right? sorry to ask so many questions...
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the escalators, bridges, and elevators didnt start till I got pregnant.
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