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MS symptoms or not??

It all started in July of 07.  I woke up one morning feeling "strange".  I went on my usual weekend morning walks down the bike trail but just felt off.  By the time I returned I was extremely dizzy/lightheaded, my arms and fingers were tingling.  I just brushed it off and thought it would go away.  After a couple of days with the ongoing symptoms I emailed my GP and asked for him to run general blood work.  Everything came back within normal ranges but the symptoms persisted, worst in the heat.  What's strange was I was fine when I woke up in the morning but after the shower all the symptoms started coming back.  I went into the doctor who said I had vertigo and to take a couple days off work and things should get better - NOPE.  It ended up lasting approximately 6 weeks before I woke up one morning feeling a bit better and by the next day all the symptoms vanished.  5 months later I'm taking down our X-Mas tree and it all starts to return only this time it came on suddenly and it was all I could do to sit down feeling like I was going to black out.  I have had tremors, "vertigo", numbness, tingling, visual disturbances - double vision, issues with contrasting light like the sun shining through the trees in the morning when I'm driving to work and this time the symptoms lasted 7 weeks.  I have seen 2 Neuro's, a Cardo, my GP, had 2 MRI's, talked to a seizure specialist, had an EEG and everything comes up normal with the exception of a couple of small bulging discs in my neck.  Just had another MRI over the weekend and again "unremarkable".  I feel like I'm loosing my mind and these doctors just don't believe me.  I have been told countless times that it could be anxiety or stress.  I have even entertained the thought that's what it could be but I know my body better than that and I don't believe it is.  I just don't know what the next step is.  Any suggestions out there??  
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Was your MRI with and without contrast (in other words, using MS protocol?)  Your symptoms certainly sound neurological, but without clinical signs of lesion formation, a neuro won't diagnose you.  MS protocol includes an MRI done at 1.5 Tesla or better, and gadolinium contrast administered during the process to pick up active lesions.  

I always think the anxiety/stress diagnosis is a copout - don't give up!  A diagnosis is out there.  Meanwhile, seek treatment for the symptoms you're experiencing...  although my neuro had no suggestion how to deal with my vision problems, numbness, or vertigo!  

Take a look at the Health Pages (at the top right of this page.)  You'll find the answers to many of your questions there.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum!
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Thank you for responding and thank you for the welcome!!  Its soo lonely out here with these types of things happening to me.  I'm only 39, am a single mother of two WONDERFUL children, a 17 year old daughter and 10 year old son.  They worry about me and I about them.  I don't want to give up but sometimes feel like it thats for sure!  Yes, the MRI's were with contrast although the 2nd one was "more in depth" because they were following seizure protocol and both with the same outcome - nothing.  I wonder if it is possible to have these types of symptoms and have MS but it not show on the MRI??  Sometimes the fatigue is so great I feel like I'm going to fall asleep driving and it just comes on so quickly!  I'm considering going to an outside physician - outside of KAISER that is maybe the healthcare would be bettter or at least more proactive.  
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Wow you are the first person I have heard say they have trouble with the contrasting light through trees.  I have that and have for years.  Lately it has gotten so bad that sometimes when I am driving it scares me so bad I slow way down..that way the light doesn't flicker as fast.  It makes me nauseous.

Oh yea and having symptoms without a dx can make a person anxious or depressed.  Sometimes it requires treatment.  What does your GP think?  What I am trying to say is if the stress of seeking a dx is making you anxious/depressed get help.  That doesn't mean that all the other things go away. You can have more than one thing going on a t a time.  As you said you know your body better than anyone and you know when it isn't functioning right.

Keep looking and I hope you find your answers.

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Your answer is yes.  Some ppl have a clean MRI and still have MS.  There is a health page called MS and Lesions.  It has some good info.
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Thank you Terry!  I have been looking at the health pages are you right it does have  great information.  It has also educated me somewhat and armed me with more questions for the Neuro and my GP which I'm sure will make them both very happy, of course I'm being scarcastic.  Sometimes when I'm in my Neuro's office I get a vibe from her like I'm wasting her time.  

Sounds like you have some visual issues too.  I have periods throughout the day that it becomes difficult to focus - it almost seems like the eye muscles give up and just stare but not like a normal Ahh that feels good stare.  It takes genuine effort to try and focus again.  

It amazes me as to how these symptoms come and go sometimes and Dr's contradict each other.  My ENT said I clearly didn't have vertigo but the other doctors say thats what it is. I did finally get the Neuro (that I got a second opinion from) agree to see me when I'm experiencing one of my 6 week bouts of Vertigo again.  I think that is the 1st Dr that I have run across that said come on down and sit in my waiting room until I can see you, I want to see you when you are going through it so thats a plus.  
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