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MS symptoms?

I’ve been getting these painful stabbing pins and needles sensation for several months. It’s always worsened by heat. Sometimes I feel a quick zapping sensation in my lower spine. It’s not just my extremities; the tingling can be all over my chest, stomach, back, or pretty much all over my body. Sometimes if I’m exercising I’ll get pins and needles all over but if I push through the symptoms they’ll start to dissipate. I’m really concerned it could be something like MS because based on google typical neuropathy is not worsened with heat. Anyone have any ideas?
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Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately what googling symptoms often does is lead people in completely wrong directions...  

Neurological conditions like MS have many many mimics simply because it's a condition that affects the central nervous system, and just about every symptom thats associated with MS is also more commonly associated with something else.

A basic rule of thumb with the way MS brain and or spinal cord lesion(s) causes symptoms to typically present and develop, basically if the symptom(s) are in all peripherals, all over the body, random locations, moves around, spreads, it presents-develops-worsens over a very short time frame,  etc etc etc those are the types of symptom patterns that are general red flags that point towards a neurological condition like MS a highly unlikely causation.    

If this is something you can push through and will improve as you've mentioned then it honestly won't have anything to do with something like MS.

Hope that helps.....JJ
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