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Marijuana and MS need answers please

Good Afternoon,

So my neurologist believes I have MS, but haven't been able to dxs. Over the years between my mom and me research we have found medical marijuana research has shown that smoking marijuana can provide protection for the brain from the destruction that ms causes.

I am not a regular smoker but when sxs get bad I will smoke with my husband for relief. I have found it helps relieves the restless legs and the headaches and helps me to relax. I tend to smoke maybe once a month.

So my question is does anyone know if smoking medical marijuana can delay progress of MS? My mom said she wonders if that is why I was never dxs...and it kind of is an interesting concept.
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Hi :D

um i've never seen or heard that medical marijuana can provide protection from demyelination, not something i have ever personally considered or researched in regards to MS because in OZ we don't have medical marijuana. I really only know that OZ only last year started looking into doing medicinal cannabis trials for paediatric epilepsy, not dried for smoking but in liquid form because whilst it's being researched as an epilepsy cure persay there is a lot of anecdotal testimonials, beliefs etc that it helps reduce the amount of seizures.

Do you have any links to the scientific research that was run specifically for MS?

I don't see exactly how smoking medical marijuana could have any impact on the myeline (sp) sheath or anything really specific to demyelination process but I definitely get how it could be beneficial as a symptom relief...  


btw we're had a few conversations about medical marijuana over the years, if you search the MS community you might find somethings been mentioned about this concept before.      
oops i missed a word, this sentence should read....  'whilst it's NOT being researched as an epilepsy cure persay there is a lot of anecdotal testimonials, beliefs etc'
Thanks for always providing a response. My mom was the one that started the research because somebody had told her about montel Williams and his battle with MS. She told me about all the positive things she read and told me to look into it.

Recently I just was searching for some answers and ran across an article where it says it shows promise on protecting both the brain and optical nerve because of a chemical in it. This got me wondering if by chance that could be what has helped me over the years.
I've been doing a little bit of research reading when i've had a change and to be honest there seems to be more anecdotal beliefs than researchers can actually support with measurable evidence, and it depends on what issue is being studied and type of cannabis product too.

With the studies on MS, smoking Medical Marijuana and it's affect on cognitive issues, the smokers actually preform worse than the non smokers of MM. Overall i don't think the research is actually concluded anything yet with any form of marijuana in regards to slowing or altering progression, at best it's a 'maybe' and the maybe isn't from smoking the leaf as far as i can work out...  

"Guideline from American Academy of Neurology

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), an association of neurologists and neuroscientists dedicated to promoting high-quality care for people with nervous system disorders, released a “Summary of evidence-based guideline: Complementary and alternative medicine in MS” in 2014, including the following conclusions on the evidence regarding marijuana and its derivatives:

Oral cannabis extract and synthetic THC (tetrahydrocannabinol — a major active component of cannabis) are probably effective for reducing patient-reported symptoms spasticity and pain, but not MS-related tremor or spasticity measured by tests administered by the physician. For these cannabis derivatives the most commonly reported side effects were dizziness, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating and memory disturbance.

Sativex oral spray (GW Pharmaceuticals) is probably effective for improving patient-reported symptoms of spasticity, pain and urinary frequency, but not bladder incontinence, MS-related tremor or spasticity measured by tests administered by the physician.

Smoked cannabis research studies have not produced enough evidence to assess its safety or effectiveness for treating MS symptoms including spasticity, pain, balance, posture and cognition changes.

The long-term safety of marijuana use for MS symptom management is not yet known."


It's definitely interesting, and from my perspective smoking MM is likely to be less effective on symptom relief like pain and spasticity than the more concentrated specific liquid extracts and likely going to be less effective as a disease modifying treatment too. lol anyhoo thats my two cents for what it's worth :D

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