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Me and my colonoscopy!

Yesterday I had my very first colonoscopy, after prepping for a day on a clear liquid diet and drinking that stuff that makes you need to stay REAL close to the bathroom.  I had to drink half on Tuesday evening, and half on Wednesday morning.  By the time I got to the hospital (I had it done under anesthesia), I was ready to get it over with!

I was looking forward to going out for a nice meal when it was over, and my roommate had brought me a couple chocolate crinkle cookies for after that.

Things went well, no real surprises.  I had four polyps removed, which isn't uncommon.  One of them was rather large and behind a fold, so the removal was a little more involved, putting me at increased risk for bleeding, so I had to continue my clear liquid diet, and am supposed to eat a light diet today, whatever that means.  I doubt includes chocolate cookies, doggone it!

I've been taking it easy, recovering from the anesthesia and drinking chicken broth, eating jello, etc.  I haven't had breakfast yet, thinking about some yogurt.  Fluffy let me sleep in until 6:30; he usually demands breakfast (and his meds) around 4am.

I'm a little concerned about eating, as when I've eaten or drank anything, I've gone to the bathroom and passed some sloughed tissue that's bloody, and my belly is somewhat painful.  I don't think I need to be really concerned unless there's more blood, but I don't want to do anything to encourage that happening, you know?

I'm feeling like a slug; I've been dealing with three days a week of Avonex side effects (aching and extra fatigue), and now this.  I can't take Advil for two weeks, so my next to Avonex injections should be fun, with only tylenol and vicodin.

I think I'm through whining for now, thanks for listening.  I miss you all, and hope to be more involved here soon.



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Hi Kathy, would you like some cheese with that whine?  :-)  I know, all you want are those chocolate cookies!

I'm glad you have this test behind you. All puns intended.  Just take it easy and give those spots where the polyps were removed plenty of time to heal completely.

feel better,
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See? that wasn't too bad, was it?  I'm glad they removed the polyps when they were there.  Can you imagine having to prep AGAIN?!?

Take it SUPER easy with the eating.  I kept to broth, non-fat yogurt, and Kombucha for a couple of days just because I felt best on those.

Speedy Recovery, dear!

Guitar_grrrl  (I still want to see Multnomah Falls in the winter, someday!)
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Lulu, I don't think cheese would be a good choice right now, lol!  I'm thinking of freezing the cookies  :o)  

One last whine; I had a huge hematoma/lump where the IV was, kinda painful.   I put arnica on it when I got home, and again before bed.  It's getting better, but still annoying.

I'll be taking it easy, maybe see what's on my roommates gazillion channels on TV, find a good movie or two.  I watched a documentary yesterday that was good.  I feel like laughing today.

Guitar_grrl, I would hope to never have to do that prep again; I felt like a human fire hose!

I don't have much of an appetite, so I may just heat up some broth for breakfast.  Listen to my body.  Hmm, I could put in a little miso, maybe.  I've never tried Kombucha, does it taste good?

I just might meet you for a cup of tea at the Multnomah Falls Lodge when you get there to see that frozen waterfall!

738075 tn?1330575844
Uhhh, I guess Kombucha is an acquired taste...The mango and guava blends (not flavored - no weird stuff here) I find most tasty.  I gave my riding partner a taste of the Gingeraide, though, and she made a face!  

Kombucha is mildly fermented Chinese tea.  It's great in the probiotics department, low in calories, mildly diuretic (I find), and keeps my gut happy.

Earl Grey at Multnomah!!  Yeah!
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Kathy, I've had four of these (lucky me). You may have some abdominal pain, and it's normal for a couple of days. If you get concerned, you can call the nurse, and she'll probably tell you the same thing. And do follow the advice about eating. I know how hungry you must feel...been there a few times. Our GI place tells us we can have those chocolate protein drinks (can't remember the specific name) even during our preps. Maybe you could sub one of those in for your chocolate.

Take it easy, let your body sort it all out for a couple of days.

405614 tn?1329144114
I'll check Whole Foods for Kombucha; sounds interesting, and I find that I'm good at aquiring tastes for stuff that's healthy.

Bio, I'm in awe of your having been through four of these; talk about radical acceptance!  You rock!

I have an information sheet from the gastro's office, so I do know that the pain is normal, as well as a small amount of blood.   I'm more concerned about the possibility of more  bleeding and want to avoid going back to the hospital, so I'll follow everyone's advice about eating and taking it easy.

I do have a couple cans of chocolate Slimfast in the fridge; guess I could have one of those if I get a crazy chocolate craving.  It has protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.

I left out the good news; I've dropped 10 pounds from this prep and liquid diet stuff.  I know much of it is fluid and other stuff that will be replaced, but it still feels good.

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When I saw the title of your post, I started singing "Me... and my colonoscopy" to the tune of "Me and My Shadow."
405614 tn?1329144114
That's what was in my head when I wrote it!  LOL!!!
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Just a passing thought here...  Check with the doc's office about that SlimFast.  I think it's very high in fiber, which is good for the colon normally, but I'm not sure it's so great so soon after surgery.
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Kathy, I often think of a line from The Devil Wears Prada, "I'm just one stomach flu away from my ideal weight," when I do a colonoscopy prep...except I always feel like I'm just one colonoscopy prep away from my ideal weight.

338416 tn?1420045702
SlimFast is a bad idea for you right now.  It can cause extreme constipation, unless you are also drinking a bunch of water.
Avatar universal
I hope you feel better soon.  The stuff they give you to "clean you out" I think is worse than the procedure!  I had some polyps removed too, so now I have to have the test done every 3 years...  I was lucky I didn't feel sick at all after the procedure and went home an was able to eat as normal.

Feel better soon.

Cheers, Udkas.
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Pastor Dan, jensequitur, I decided against the Slimfast, because of the fiber.  I do always drink lots of water, so I never noticed if it was constipating when I've used it in the past.

Bio, that is too funny!  I've seen that movie several times.  I'm more than one prep away from my ideal weight, though.

Udkas, I was totally anesthesized, so the procedure was nothing at all.  I think my problems are because the removed a large polyp.  Ooh, does this mean I'll need to do this every three years, or is that for special kinds of polyps?  I hope the pathology on mine comes back totally benign!

I didn't go to the store, so I didn't find a protein drink that would work, but I had some rice pudding that my roommate had brought me. I chewed the rice well, even though it was very soft.  At least there was some protein in that stuff.

For lunch, I had some organic cherry nonfat yogurt; chewed up the bits of cherry, too.  I'm feeling all right, no blood, so I'm good!

Avatar universal
Trust me I was knocked out too, no way is someone removing polyps and putting a cam up my butt whilst I was awake!!

Depends on the type of polyps they find, here in Oz they do the procedure every 3 to 5 years if you have polyps etc.  I am now classed as high risk.

Glad you are all good.. I was a bit sore and tired from the procedure but I think that was because I was anemic at the time anyway when they did the test.

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I'm so happy that it all went well for you.

Just keep your diet bland for the first few days, and then you can head into the fridge for that chocolate:))


Debs xxxx
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The stuff we were allowed to drink wasn't Slimfast. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was, and I must have consumed about three gallons of it over four preps--it was the only thing that was even remotely filling.

The standard is a follow-up in three years. I had a follow up in one year b/c my polyp was large (three inches), flat, and tubulovillous, so getting dangerous. The GI doc told my husband that if I hadn't gone in for this, I'd've been dead in five years. That still weirds me out. Like, before there were colonoscopies, I'd've died of colon cancer at age 45. That would have been IT. Also, it means that my first-degree relatives should have their first colonoscopies at an age 10 years younger than when I had mine.

Prep is worth it to catch this preventable but deadly cancer.

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It will be interesting to read the Op report and path report; I wonder how large my "quite large" polyp was?  

I'm glad that I went in; my roommate talked me into seeing a new gastro, who ordered that colonoscopy.  I thought I would wait 3 years until I turned 50, since that's when insurance covers a routine screening.  

Of course, if there's a problem, its easy to get authorization, if a doc cares to.  My worsening chronic constipation was enough of a reason; things seem to move through me very slowly.

I'm glad that you went in when you did, Bio.  That would weird me out, too.  Prep sounds a lot better, now.  If you should remember what that protein drink was, please let me know for future reference.  I'll be better prepared, next time around.

I did have a few bites of low fat organic chocolate frozen yogurt last night, got my chocolate fix  :o)  My roommate ate the chocolate crinkle cookies.  


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