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Medical marijuana for spacticity and nerve pain?

I've been using baclofen and neurontin for stiffness and nerve pain in my legs but it usually makes my body feel weak, tired, and "sloppy". I've been reading a lot about ms patients and their success with cannibas for these problems. Any positive or negative experiences?

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I recently wrote about this in my blog - there are pros and cons and it all depends on the person.  The studies do show although the use of cannabis may reduce spasticity, bladder problems and pain, it is not without other side effects.  Those side effects can be decreased cognitive function, tiredness/sleeping, and decreased coordination. Finding cannabis in controlled doses and the right combination is not yet a science here and it can be hit or miss as to whether what you inhale or ingest is going to work for you.     It is a highly individual choice - Laura
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Do lots of research.  One of my doctors also mentioned shrinking of the brain from cannabis, but I failed to ask him his source.  Lulu has given you some good advice but………..you can't take this out in public and use it, you have to use it at home and should you be driving and stopped, you can be arrested for a DUI because its considered the same "under the influence", if you fail the sobriety tests……..

Am not telling you not to, just saying its your choice and both of the drugs you are on, can possibly have increased mg.  Please discuss it with your doctor!  I have all of these side effects of MS and increasing the dosage helped.  Some have also reported good results from a TENS unit, which you can buy at a drug store, for the spasticy, I have one muscle in my back that you can actually watch and TENS has worked for that.

You might also ask your doctor about a sleep study.  I took one and found I had severe sleep apnea and that took care of the sleeping during the day, but not the MS fatigue, that took awhile, but with the sleeping solved, Adderall took care of the fatigue.

My urologist solved most of my bladder problems with a pill 3 times a day, the rest I can deal with.

So you may have to work with your doctor or doctors to slowly work thru your problems.

Good luck but write them all down and attack them one at a time!  MS will always be with us, its like velcro, but we can minimize its effects with trial and error.
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