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Merina ( IUD) and MS symptoms?

I have been racking my brain ( and all of your brains too for that matter) to figure out what could cause my

symptoms if not MS. I keep coming back to my IUD Merina... this is getting more strange as I look deeper into it. I

was wondering if any of you have had this ( could also be from other forms of birth control as well, ortho evra, the

patch, injections, and some of the pills available too)

when i cross-reference the symptoms of MS and the same with the complications of birth control, it is quite odd

that they mimic the same things. I have read over 100 different cases of anxiety, palpitations,blur in vision,

migrains, aches, pains, swelling, numbness, thyroid like symptoms, depression,  the list goes on and on.

Although most people ( dr's ) swear that these can't be symptoms of it, once people were taken off of it, they for

the most part, or all, felt better either in less than 5 days or in about a month. Not all the symptoms were better

and some people even were worse...

so my question to yo uis have you ever heard of this, know someone?

the real odd thing is it was brought up to me by my eye dr. ( i know real strange) but when i mentioned the Merina,

he stopped what he was doing and told me I had to speak with one of the ladies that worked in the office, she went

into detail the symptoms ( inc seziures) that she had that finaly once it was removed, she started to fel better. She

even went as far as to mail me the info that had opened her eyes to the possibility of it being connected.. it was

1/2 in. of papers from individual people with their different symptoms and how they effected them in the long run.

She is proof that something changed i her from the time it was put in, while she had it, and the aftermath.

So again, ANYONE ever heard of this?

Anyone else ever question their birth control as a possibility?

Anyone think this is an absurd idea?

please let me know,

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Hi there,
I think all sorts of birth control may cause side affects in some people, ie: migraines, heart palpitations etc. etc. the only real way to know would be to have a period off the birth control and see how your symptoms go.

I would discuss this with a neurologist.  What is okay and causes no side affects in one person might cause heaps in another.

For the record I have a marina IUD in place to control my heavy bleeding at period time and I can't say I have noticed my symptoms worse or better... I have neurological symptoms before ever it was put in.  My body rejected it for a while but now I think it was the best decision I ever made.  My symptoms usually have clear cut like attacks then they subside and gradually I get improvement, so I almost know the pattern now.

Interesting thought though, who knows what hormones etc. can do to us and how this would affect us, I have always wondered if there is any connection with this sort of thing seeing as MS is much more common in woman than in men.

Take care,
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I have to say that this is an interesting discussion.  I too have the Mirena IUD - I am on my second one (7 years with it so far) - and haven't ever thought about it being connected to my neurological problems.  My severe symptoms started 2 years ago - so I don't know if I can make a direct time connection between the two.

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hi- I understand about not being able to make a connection between the two, but

some people who had it went quite well in the beginning, and all of a sudden had

problems, or were fine before a child being born, and after when reinserted had

problems, or even had a first one with no problems , 5 yrs later had another one and

only problems with the second one.

I understand about your body learning tollerances for chemicals, i was a florist for

years, then one holiday, became highly allergic to a common flower and had to quit

doing it.. just one day my body had a limit and hit it... could happen to any chemical,

whether your body makes it or a similar chemical produced to mimic a human


I have learned this, there is no rhyme or reason to the human.

I have done a little reaserch on the subject, but am by far no dr., so i can only rely on

other peoples situations.

I do believe I will have it removed either way. I will have about the same drive either

way ( known from past), so my hubby understands the reason for my actions and let

me tell you, would give up sex if I would just return to close to my old self. LOL

I am intrested that this subject hasn't come up  more on the forum, looked into other

posts for more info on the forum, but haven't come up with more. I did find a page of

people who are trying to get  the side effects listed for the Merina by Bayer Group

because of their troubles after having it. I also found a page of side effects that others

have listed after having it, and it was scary how many matched the list of things that I

was given from University of Maryland same type symptoms for MS to other known

disorders. I mean not just one or two, but many neuro type of things. or chem

inbalance type of things too.

I have had a chemical inbalance since before puberty, i know because it was obvious

to  most people by my mood swings  and to me and my dr. from inability to have

correct womanly function.

It was a miracle at all that i was able to have my child ( 11 yrs after being told I

couldn't) so that is the whole reason I went on Merina after my child was born, i mean

if your told you can't have kids, then prove them wrong, you just take extra

precausion after that:o)

But I wasn't able to take other types of birth control before I was prego, ( didn;t get

along with me)I do see how it could possibly effect me. I have not had a menstral

cycle since I found out i was prego and carried her to 38 weeks.. that would be over 3

3/4 yrs since.

I will have to look up the pages on my other comp to post them so anyone can see

where i had recieved this info from, and i'm not just a loon :o)

I appologize if I was a little to forth comming with details of  my life on here, but it is

the only way to let people see where i have come from, and where I am going in this

journey to an answer ( and i have been sick too long to hod anything back)

I will try and post the info tommorow for you to look at it and everyone else. It seems

to crazy an answer, but so is what's happened to me

all for now,

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oh my God I've been wondering what was wrong with me for months MS like problems numbness pain in leg dizzy tremors hot flashes etc: had blood work, mri of spin and brain told it could be viral related, seziures etc. but it all started after a stressful situation and taking the morn after pill for the third time in a year---interesting
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forgot to mention that all the results were normal and negative. I had back pain also which turns out was gallbladder related. Make sure to go to plenty of specialist as we as=ge several things could be going on at once
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Hi, I am having mine removed... Just wondering if you symptoms got better? I have had mine for 2 years and my body just started doing weird things... And pretty sure it's all nerve related I really hope removing mine helps me be back to normal again.... :(
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Hi - The thread to which you posted is over 3 years old. These users may no longer be around. You might want to post this as a new question.

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I have had my first Mirena for over 4 years and since last December I started having numbness all over my body. I have had 2 MRI's and they did show lessons in my brain, but my neurologist never batted an eye or mentioned anything about my IUD. I have moved and will need to find a new neurologist, so I plan to ask.
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Now I am stumped…I had the mire a inserted in 2014..  at first I didn’t have any complications at all initially. But I started with tingling and numbness in my feet. I thought it was nothing and ignored it. Overtime I started having difficulty with walking. Headaches all the time and a stiff shoulders and neck.The walking issues progressed for years. I went to the family Doctor Who sent me to a Neurologist. The Neurologist said my symptoms are likely because of MS. After MRIs the  neurologist said my symptoms are likely because of MS although, I didn’t have most of the symptoms associated with MS. In addition, the neurologist said my MRIs were very unusual and not typical of an MS patient. I had No vision problems, no incontinence, no problems with my hands, eyes, just my issue with Walking and a lot of headaches.

I should also mention that I am 54 years old and I have never, ever had issues with Walking in my entire life.  In fact when I spoke to the neurologist for the first time he told me that I probably had this problem for many years, to which I responded, no, I have never had a problem with walking in my entire life… I used to run down the street to catch a bus wearing stiletto heels, so no, I have never had this problem in my life.

Ironically enough I was watching something on television that had to do with fuaulty heart Implant that resulted in neurological issues following the insertion. This made me pause and wonder if my Neurological  issues Had something to do with my mirena.  Then I did some research and I noticed that some people had neurological issues after the insertion of the mirena.  I still have the mirena  which is another story.

When I read this post I almost felt a sense of relief because I just realized the possible correlation between Mirena and MS.

Given that I just made this correlation very recently I still to talk to my neurologist About my observation.

Any similar stories I would appreciate to hear.


I wrote a long response the other day but it seems to have disapeared sorry.....

This post was written back in 2009 and in the 12 years since this question was posted i've not been able to find anything that either establishes a link to neurological conditions and or show promise towards a it as seriously potential link.

"Pseudotumor Cerebri Injuries
In the newest group of Mirena lawsuits, women in MDL 2767 claim Mirena caused pseudotumor cerebri. This term means “false brain tumor.” Unlike perforation or migration claims that deal with physical damage related to the IUD moving from the uterus, these claims say the hormone inside Mirena, levonorgestrel, is to blame.

The hormone can cause an abnormal elevation of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull, resulting in pseudotumor cerebri (also known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension).

According to these lawsuits, Bayer misled plaintiffs about the implant’s safety by not properly explaining how the hormone works. Because this hormone is more active than other similar birth control hormones, it is more likely to cause side effects, lawsuits say. Specifically, women who used Mirena or other levonorgestrel products more commonly develop pseudotumor cerebri.

There were 917 lawsuits pending in this MDL as of April 2019. In April 2018, plaintiffs and defendants gathered to go over the medical and scientific issues surrounding Mirena, according to the court docket. Discovery is ongoing."


Specifically regarding MS though, there's nothing in the research or lawsuit claimants to even suggest Mirena could possibly cause the type of demyelinating brain and or spinal cord lesions that MS has. Keep in mind that syptoms are not the same as the diagnostic or clinical evidence consistent and or suggestive of a neurological condition like MS and if your situation goes back to 2014 and there still isnt MS evidence of brain and or spinal cord lesions its highly unlikely your symptoms are going to be related to a condition like MS...

Try to be open minded to the causation of your symptoms and not focus too much on a specific medical condition like MS, because the odds are you wont have MS but even one of one of its mimic's....

Hope that helps.......JJ
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