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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and get the appetizers ready it's almost 2016...

Hi all,

Surely many of you have no idea of who I am -- I use to be a very active co-community leader on this forum, and I had committed myself to help keep facts straight for those just like me, who at one point in their lives needed some serious information (once the old coup  began to work again), and the only straight stuff was coming directly from patients themselves.

Much has happened in the 2 or so years, and I've been fairly absent (though so many have never left my thoughts) and intend on getting back to helping out, catching up with those it's been way too long for, and meeting those who've come along.

I hope the holidays were good to you, and you've not terribly over done yourselves because a new year is on the horizon, and you know what that means.....R...E...S...O....hahah... no resolutions....Though I do resolve to get familiar with our great community again - it's been way too long.

Cheers to you all  - see you around.
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hello stranger. I hope you are doing okay.

Hi Alex : ) I'm doing very well, thank you! You?
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Hiya Shell :-)
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Hey Shell! Great to see you again.
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Woohoo! Great to 'see' you on the boards! No resolutions here, either. Just taking care of myself. But truth be told, it's a happy, happy day when I see a recent post with Shell and some of the stalwarts on it. You guys have meant a lot to me since I was a confused, scared CIS noob five years ago.
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She's back! Hi Shell! Good to see you!
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I haven't aged a bit since you've been gone...

take care
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Hi All!  You sure haven't John! Me neither, bahahahah

Nice to see you all!!! Glad to be back <3
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ooooh ooooh so glad to see you on the boards again!

It's summer over my side of the world, kicking my butt big time but i've been off the boards, it's cool at the moment so i'm crawling back to norm, with any luck i'll be catching up with everyone for a few days but then we're going away down the river for 3 weeks and impersonating a crash test dummy trying to get one last season of wake boarding out of these legs of mine.

lol shell you've made my day! :D

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