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Mild symptoms, some negative, some positive tests...still MS?

I'm really starting to doubt what my neuro seems pretty sure of. I read some of your stories and the trials of even trying to get a Dx and it breaks my heart...especially when some have such noted symptoms.

I on the other hand didn't start this journey with symptoms (at least that I recognized at the time) but rather with an MRI looking for something else. Yes I have many lesions on the brain and nearly every other possible explanation has been ruled out through testing. I had a negative LP (which I know is possible with MS) and my spinal MRIs are clear. I go in for VEP and AEP testing tonight and then an MRI toward the end of January to look for changes.

I ended up in the ER two months ago with cold numb-like feeling that traveled up my left side from my finger tips to my face, chest and back. Nothing abnormal found in the ER. I have had this symptom again just once a week ago.

Doc wants to call it MS (at least propable) and wants me to start meds but I'm not confident in the Dx at this point because of the stories I here on here of people with noticeable disability still not being able to get a positive Dx. Why is my doc so quick to jump to MS when everything else (besides MRI and possible symptom) are negative? Am I lucky or cursed? I want to be on a DMD if this IS MS but what if it isn’t. I'm scared to take that drastic step when I’m really not convinced based on what I read here:(

Sorry so long winded...I just feel like I don't "stack up" when it comes to symptoms and I worry about moving forward with any sort of treatment. I almost feel stupid saying "probable MS" when so many of you are dealing with debilitating symptoms with this same semi-diagnosis. I'm not worthy...lol. Ugh this is tough!
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It is so tough!

Getting dx'd quickly comes with alot of uncertainty. We differ a bit in regards to what brough us to the doctor - I had stroke like symptoms. After initial dx I went for a 2nd opinion to make me feel more confident. My doc suggested it, but I already had it lined up I was so sure he was wrong.

Maybe that is something that would help put your mind at ease too...Just a thought. It is tough - because you don't want to delay and risk further damage, but you feel you are not dealing with all some do :(


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Don't be afraid to seek a second opinion. It's part of the diagnostic process. If your current Doc is uncomfortable with you seeking one, I'd be uncomfortable with them.
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The second opinion idea is a good one.  Like you, I went to the doctor for a numb leg, and a short time later I had a dx of MS.  I wasn't looking for MS and neither was my doctor.  

I understand what you are saying about wanting to treat the correct problem and not wanting to jump on the DMD.  Get that second opinion and even a third if it will help.

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