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Miscellaneous Forum Stuff

Hi, Kids!  There are some things I want to mention.

Make sure all of you have noticed the changes to your "Profile."  You can chose a color theme for it by clicking on the cogwheels on the upper right.  New changes are coming that will be a lot of fun.

For any of you that are committed forum members please add your welcomes to the first Welcome Thread.  this should be from all of us!

I really think this is the finest forum that could ever grow itself in a home such as MedHelp.  All of you dive in to greet people, make them feel at home and add support.  I read wonderment and tears in the voices of people who join and realize they are not alone anymore.  This is such a miracle of the human heart.  We get the nourishment we need and, in turn, you give more than you could ever get.  I am so proud to be a part of you!

The Health Pages are getting an organizational makeover.  There is a final part that will make it better, but I want all of you to check out the Page called "MS information and Resource Index."   Eventually this will be the page you go immediately to when you click on "Health Pages."  Here people will be able to zero in on the exact information they want.  And when you are on a specific HP you can click to go back directly to the Index Outline.  I am still working with MedHelp to get ALL of the topics you and I have written up placed properly in the outline.

My new kitten came named Lizzie.  But she has so much gas we are calling her Fizzie.  I'll get pix up.

I am going to work with MedHelp to develop a "Symptom Tracker."  This will alow us to visualize the symptoms that come and stay and the symptoms that appear and resolve.

I am also considering a Diagnosis Tracker, that would allow us to document our symptoms, our positive exam finding, the results of the differnent tests and provisional diagnoses we are given, in a linear fashion.  This would also be useful (if we can do it) for seeing at a glance what kind of data is available to take us toward diagnosis.

Any ideas on these possible trackers or others?

We need a volunteer to put together a "Common Acronyms for Multiple Sclerosis."

Well, I had a whole bunch of things to say, but my TB (Teflon Brain) kicked in and they're gone.

I love you all!

Den Mother, Quix
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Thanks so much for all you do .

Love you too

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Thanks Quix.  I learned a lot from your post!  Thanks for all you do!!

Shelley : )
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Wonderful post, great ideas, I'm all for it! I wish I knew how to work this Medhelp thing better, I love computers, have time and would love to help you set up trackers. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Have you ever thougtht about a health page about with a topic smiliar to "how to get your medical records released to you in a timely manner with everything in them that you actually wanted?" (of course, with a shorter title!) Smile! I work in Health Information, so I could help write this, having worked there, done that, and having just come out of school perhaps this would help someone? I know I learned a LOT that helped me through the last summer navigating release of information, faxes, etc. Let me know if you want this, if not I'm here if anyone posts anything about it! :)
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Sunnytoday's suggestion

"Have you ever thougtht about a health page about with a topic smiliar to "how to get your medical records released to you in a timely manner with everything in them that you actually wanted?" "

Is a great idea.  It's our info, but I always feel weird asking for records, and then many times when I have made requests, I only get partial info, like 1 page of a 6 page report.  I'd love advice on i) how to not sound apologetic or hypervigilent in making the requests, and ii) make sure I get all the info the first time so that I don't need to keep requesting!

I think someone once suggested a symptom tracker, too.  This could be part of the tracker Quix suggests for keeping track of tests and provisional diangnoses, etc.  All the trackers let you imbed journal entries, so ppl. could at least journal symptoms in another tracker, if I am making any sense.  

I use the weight tracker and find it to be a great motivational tool, and also really useful for assessing things over time.  I think that it could be a great organizational tool for ppl amidst testing, and again very useful for assessing a situation over time.

Glad to hear about all the neat ideas that are in the hopper.  Thanks!
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Another thing about trackers is that you can imbed them into your forum posts.

On this post, I am showing my weight tracker, just as an example.

If there was a symptom/testing/diagnosis tracker, this could be REALLY useful to this forum:  instead of needing to re-state your details in each new post, you could show your tracker and ppl could click on it to review your tests, results, symptoms, etc.  

It could help Quix, CL's, and members help us, and help us help each other better by having all of that info available.

And no giggling at my weight, please ;-)
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Great ideas, quix, as usual!  Thank you so much for all your hard work on the health pages, and everyone else who has contributed.  They are a big help and when I don't know a specific answer I always send people to them.

Suggestion about Miss Lizzie Fizzy....try to put a little plain yogurt in her food.  It works for dogs so I don't think it would hurt her.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

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For someone that has a teflon brain, you sure have alot of great ideas dropping out of it!  I love the ideas of the symptom tracker and diagnosis tracker; it would be easy to pop in a symptom as it is occuring, then add it to our timelines later should it stick around and be significant.  And the diagnosis; much lighter than the huge notebook I put together with all that information, and would be much easier to navigate.

I will be looking forward to checking out the changes in the Health Pages.  I haven't been looking there much lately; not that I feel like I know it all already, Ha ha ha;  just that I've been too wrapped up in the pain issues; saps the strength right out of me, and creates some teflon of my own.  I went to take a pill yesterday, tried to put the lid from the pill container on my water bottle. Went to put something in the fridge; opened the drawer next to it.  You get my drift.

I was wondering about the changing the color at the profile page; noticed others had done it and couldn't figure it out.  I'll go play now.

Love ya'


I like Sunnytoday's idea, and perhaps people from the UK and Canada can pitch in if they have found ways to navigate those systems to get records more easily and in a timely manner.  I helped a friend who worked for a company that fulfilled records requests at various medical offices, and I learned that you have to be very specific.  The person gathering the information might use their own discretion if things aren't spelled out clearly.  This person was good; if some company didn't want to pay a workman's comp. claim, she would leave out irrelevant prejudicial information, rather than fill all the broad range of information requested.  She knows HIPAA inside out, and knew what was legal.

Anyway, Quix-Quix (makes you sound like a fan-dancer), I was wondering which kind of gas you were talking about with Fizzie.  The kind where she goes without stop, climbing drapes, people, zooming around the house, or the kind that doni was talking about.  
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As a newbie, I just want to take this chance to say you all have an incredible board here already and I thank you for all the hard work all of you do every day to make it a such a welcoming and informative place to visit. This is hard to find nowadays. (and I agree with Fluffysmom...Quix, you've come up with a few genius ideas...makes my mind feel like a lump of mush in comparison! lol)
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Hi Mother Quix!

It's funny, there is very little difference in our ages, and yet, you have 'Mothered' me, and I so appreciate everything you have given me.

I agree with you, this IS the finest forum on the Internet, and I remember that wondrous feeling over the outpouring of love and support I was given, the very day I made my first post.

I don't post often anymore, due to the pain, but to my hearts delight, several members take the time to call me, e-mail me, and stay in touch, make sure I am ok.

Congratulations on your new kitten Fizzie...er, Lizzie. Perhaps a change in diet is on order. :)

Baby Bear Sheila
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This is great ideas... how about a Timeline Tracker??  guess that the same as symtom tracker...I need one of those BADLY right now...
I'm trying to keep track of my symptoms and do a timeline for the MS specialist...but I'm having a difficult time with remember dates and stuff....

if I can help you with anything...I'll try...

I love this forum...and this family...

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This sounds great!  

The Symptom Tracker would be awesome as it would apply to us all.  I know I could sure use some help keeping track of mine.  

I was thinking lesion tracker at one point, but rethinking it's usefulness now.

I'd be willing to volunteer to assist with the MS acronyms.  Maybe we can start a new MS acronym thread, all can contribute to it, and we can cut and paste from there once it starts to shape up.....just a thought.

Wonkster.....you bring up a good point w/imbedding into a posts.  That would be very useful! Glad you've gotten the tracker logistics down.  I've not had a chance to try one out even.
Have a nice night, peeps!
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I meant to say before that I thought the health record health page would be a good idea and it got away from me (like so much these days :-(  ). People would probably feel on firmer ground if they knew what their rights are and had some idea how to navigate the system. Neuro #1's office staff actually managed to insinuate that the only reason I could possibly want my records was if I was planning to sue him for malpractice and otherwise why on earth would I need them. My PCP had them and that was good enough. Maybe Dr. "Hypersensitive Nerves" had reason to worry?

It would be good to have info for other countries, too, if we could get it.

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