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Missed Menstrual Cycle

I was curious if it was related to the MS that I miss a menstrual cycle during flare ups. Sometimes even 2! I am not sexually active so pregnancy wouldn't be the cause. Also sorry I just seem to post my questions and just that without any history of myself and my illness. I promise I will get to that once Im feeling better. But Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me on this forum.
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I don't know of anything with MS that would cause a missed menstral cycle.  That doesn't mean there isn't anything but I just don't know of anything with MS.  I have MS but I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  That causes missed cycles.  PCOS causes weight gain, missed cycles, darkening of skin in certain areas.  I don't know your age but is there a chance you could be beginning menopause?
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This entry caught my attention since I have had long periods of time where I have missed my menstrual cycle.

I thought or questioned the same as you, if it could be related to the MS.  My neurologist (also an expert in MS) told me that it wasn't.  At least he believed it wasn't in my case.  It was a while ago so I don't recall all the details of the discussion.  He deduced it was from all my athletics - which had caused woman to have their periods temporarily stop.

But even when I was unable to do the level of athletics, or athletics at all, it had disappeared for periods of time.
I still haven't figured out exactly why mine had reacted the way it has.  

I thought I would share my experience with you simply so know someone else with MS has had similiar experience.

I hope you are feeling better soon - it can be hard enough to not be feeling good, but harder still when you have something worrying you or just having something like this on your mind.

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If you were on steroids during the flare up that could cause a missed cycle. Also sudden weight changes.

My problem has been over two years of 21 days a month bleeding. My MS Specialist said no to it being MS related.

My new theory since no one else could come up with one is simply all the medications I am on. One or more is throwing things off.

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I know that I'm missing a period right now and I was just diagnosed with MS on June 22 and that same day started a 5 day solumedrol IV treatment. I am married with 3 kids and of course I freaked out thinking I was pregnant. I had a negative test so that's not the case. I'm 37 so surely not menopause. You are not alone in this and I'm glad to see that neither am I. Take care!
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