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Monday once again

So yeah, I was gonna be quiet this summer, right?  Guess not.

I only have one goal this week, be able to walk around like normal people again.  Not enjoying being confined to bed and one room!  And NOT to get stressed this week!  Rain here so get to sit and watch it clean the earth.

Hopefully everyone has a good week.
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Hope your feeling Better soon :)
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I'll be thinking about you, Sarah.

Today is a holiday here, so once the fella wakes up we're heading to the zoo. I've lived here for ages and never been. It's a great day to do it!

On Saturday I'll be attending a day-long informational meeting put on by the MS Society Ireland that focuses on legal rights in the workplace, educational opportunities, and government entitlements. And regardless of the old expression, it's a free lunch.

I'm getting a bit more serious about upping my exercise this week as well. I've been a tad mope-y the last fortnight, so it's time to nip that in the bud with some endorphins.
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Sarah, I know what u are going through as I have the same goal this week .  I am in a not so great nursing home rehab facility. I am highly motivated to get walking and out of the wheelchair so I can check out of this joint.

I would live to attend TVA MS society meeting that Imm is going to in Ireland. I'll get my plane ticket all set up to come. Seriously, it sounds like very important issues and heck, you get a free lunch. Enjoy it.
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Nice boring, normal week for me, Followed by a Me weekend!

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We went to see the movie "42" over the weekend - great movie.
And then we met family for a late lunch.

I was at the ER twice - once late Sun night and the other Mon morning for really low BP (74/48), lightheadedness, and chest pains, etc.

This morning a follow-up appt with PCP's PA and to see if she can order a special test the ER doc recommended.

Fri afternoon follow-up appt with cardiologist.

And trying to work all week between appts.

Sun, I'll be going to the cemetery to bring my mom flowers.
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You and me both!This is either my first or second flare and it's been going on a month. I just want to get out of the house and do stuff again!
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Kelly, so sorry you've had such an eventful start to your week. Glad to hear you're being aggressive with the follow-up even though appointment wrangling is no fun.
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Well my week just got busier. Got a call from the VA to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist. My PC put in for this consult back on Feb. 28th. No surprise there with how long it has taken to get an appointment. But the real shocker is that it is for this Saturday.  Probably with a resident with it being on a Saturday.

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Not much this week other than my Tysabri yesterday, which was uneventful.  Plenty of projects to occupy my time,  so much so that I need longer days, again.

I hope everyone gets through the week without any extra excitement or problems. best, Laura
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Thursday morning seems like the wrong time to be ringing in on this thread, but I can be brief.  Work, work, work.

Newest grandcritter (hmm..  2 weeks old?) spent a night at Children's Hospital in Columbus a few days ago.  Respiratory and/or circulatory symptoms, but they vanished, and tests show no explanation.  Crediting God.

I am trying to get the church project finished before our big event June 14th.  I also have at least a half dozen big projects in assorted stages here at home.  I've been pretty healthy most of the time, lately, which explains why I've been somewhat of a stranger here.

Nancy's feeling the time & money pinch a lot lately.  Boys' sports wrapping up along with the school year.  Grandson home with sore throat this AM; he better get well soon; his class trip to DC is looming.

SarahL, Sarahsmom, and everybody else: Get well soon!  Prayers have been offered on your behalf.

Peace to all.
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