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Montel on Dr. OZ today

he is on promoting medical cannabis ...i just watched it online, now i am watching it on tv.  Anyone else?  Opinions?
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It has been discussed on here a few times.  I (and a few others) use it.  It is a constitutionally protected State Right here in Colorado.  It seems to work for spasticity, so I use it before bed.

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Montel Williams has been very vocal in advocating for medical marijuana. That is not legal where I live, but it's now in an active debate in the legislature.

All it would take is a few elected officials who deal with chronic pain without relief for this to pass. I hope it does.

I hope it doesn't come to that for me, but as I'm in long-lasting pain, I do understand where others come from.

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Regrettably there's a lack of research for the drug, mainly because it's illegal.  If they can eliminate the stigma of cannabis research and do a double-blind, real research trial, then maybe we can have some actual stats to look at.

There's been a couple of studies done recently that say that MS people who use cannabis have more cognitive impairment.  I want to know how the research was done - I know a lot of people with MS have cognitive impairment, whether or not they use cannabis.  The thing to do would be to take those people who have never used cannabis and have MS.  Test their cognitive abilities, then administer cannabis and test them again.  As far as I know, none of these studies have done that.
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i use every day ...i smoke or eat ...but i would like to just vaporize and eat..need to buy a vaporizer.  It helps a lot when i eat products i have made myself with cannabutter like brownies or ginger cookies both are relaxing and also have other ingredients that help like dark chocolate for brownies and ginger which really helps my nausea.

I live in Canada so i have applied and am awaiting approval, however i have a site that xpedites product. They just checked with my doctor and confirmed my application and dx.
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I don't really agree with it for the most part because a lot of people abuse it.  I know people addicted to weed.  I know people who have anxiety issues etc and claims it helps them and I would say it makes them more paranoid.  I don't agree with smoking- weed, or cigarettes.  I have watched someone die from lung cancer it is not good way to go.

that said... As a cancer patient I could see how it could help.  My nausea was extreme I couldn't eat for weeks.  Most of the anti nausea drugs are in fact anti psychotics and I got a reaction to them that is called akynesia (sp?) and was almost like a seizure.  So they could only  give me gravol and benedryl (which barely took the edge off.  I was still sick, and asleep!)

There is a pill that has the active ingredient in it that is available to cancer patients (I'm in Canada) Not sure if it's legal or what it is called.  I agree with making a legal, prescribed pill and regulating it like other medications.  I don't agree with letting people grow weed, and buy it on the street with a doctor letter, way to many areas to be exploited.
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Maybe you're thinking of Marinol?  That's all well and good, but how do we know the beneficial chemicals from cannabis are in Marinol?  Personally I think the creation of a 'prescription' from cannabis is just a way to throw money at the drug manufacturers.

Recently a drug manufacturer was allowed to start making a drug for expectant mothers that was supposed to help prevent premature births.  Previously the pharmacies would create a compound, and the drug cost $15 per dose.  Now the only way to get that drug is to get a prescription and get it from a pharmacy, and it costs $15,000 per dose.  Sure, they have a financial assistance program, but I'm sure lots of people won't qualify.

I had my doctor give me a bag full of these prescription fish oil capsules.  They're the same fish oil capsules that you buy at the health food store, but these are 'regulated' and therefore a doctor can prescribe them.  They're much more expensive than a bottle of fish oil capsules from the health store - but now it's 'regulated' and therefore somehow safer.  Fortunately my PCP has no problem with me getting fish oil capsules the regular way!  He just needs room in his sample closet.
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Montel was clear in his argument today that he is all for much tighter restrictions on the indications for medical marijuana, making it a prescribed drug with distribution controlled by pharmacies, for a select specific and narrow list of conditions it is known to be useful in.  Cannabis absolutely helps some MS patients with their severe pain.  Montel said he takes it daily for what I understand is debilitating pain in his feet, and said it has undoubtedly enabled him to be a productive member of society.

Dr. Oz quoted a stat that approx 10% of marijuana users may become addicted.  I dont know if that is 10% of medical marijuana users or if it includes other users as well.  Other pain medications esp narcotics may be highly addictive and interfere more in daily living than medical marijuana; everyone is different, pain levels vary, what is effective for one may not be for another; side effects vary from patient to patient.  

I think it is a huge mistake to discredit medical marijuana and the role it can play in significantly helping MS patients and others with serious, chronic or life threatening in easing their symptoms, because of anecdotal observations of illicit use and abuse by some pot smokers.  That is what regulations are for; these should be strict and enforceable.  Apparently the state of California has been too loose with distribution and this is the example the naysayers kept pointing to; however other states where medical marijuana is legal (not very many) have learned from these mistakes and are working on tighter regulations, which is encouraging.  

I also live in Canada and am grateful medical marijana has been available for designated conditions for the past 10 years or so.  I recently started a prescription of Sativex, which is an oral spray containing cannibis derivatives, for my MS pain and it does provide me with more relief than my other pain meds but the taste is so absolutely disgusting I dont know if I can continue, I am just not adapting to it at all.  I have considered requesting medical marijuana that I could ingest rather than smoke but am going to give the Sativex a fair trial first.

The program was pretty interesting today, though it was so annyoing and distracting the way audience members kept shouting.  The entire hour was dedicated to this one topic.  I am surprised at Montels comment that since starting medical marijuana he has had no new plaques appear on his MRI.  I dont think there is any research even close to suggesting that the use of marijuana for MS patients accomplishes or is intended to accomplish anything more than alleviate symptoms, primarily spasticity and pain.  If Montel truly believes that, then in the interest of full disclosure I think he ought to have mentioned that he has also been taking a DMD since he was first diagnosed, which is undoubtedly much more likely the reason why his MRI has remained unchanged.  The uneducated will walk away from that program thinking that marijuana may halt progression of MS when there is simply no evidence of that, at least that I am aware of.
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I don't have any real evidence that it slows MS, unfortunately.  I don't think it's a coincidence that my first real flare came after not having smoked for a month! I have plenty of anecdotal evidence, but as you say, it's basically worthless.

I have to wonder where Montel falls on the RRMS/SPMS scale, too.  Isn't there a slowing of lesion formation, but still breaking of axons, when you get into the SPMS stage?
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I use MJ when my spasticity and spasms get to be too awful.  It works like a charm.  I only use it when things get that bad, though.  Addiction runs in the family, and I'd rather not put myself in the position of using it unless I absolutely have to.  It absolutely DOES work!

Jen, I've also read that SPMS has less inflamation/lesion activity and more axon loss, FWIW.
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I too had quite smoking for about 2 months when i had my first attack back in December.  It definitely helps with the pain in my legs now.  
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I didn't get a chance to watch the show, but I did save it to DVR to view later.  This discussion has been informative for me here and I am glad that we are all adult enough to have it without any drama.  :)

I knew it was legal here in CA and I have seen how out of hand it is here.  Potheads growing it and/or using it in disguise and such.

I was never a pot smoker.  I did try it many years ago when I was a teen, but didn't like it a bit and the smell and taste nauseated me.  The "high" I got on it, well it wasn't my style.  On a good note, I quit trying it anymore...on a bad note, I just passed it by for some of the "better" stuff.  Like I said, this was many, many years ago and it has been many, many years since I have been on any of the illegal drugs.  

But, I have always felt there was a line between being a pothead and smoking it responsibly, if that makes any sense.  It does to me in my funny little mind anyway.  Lol.  With that said, I have known many people who have smoked it daily, but not excessively.  

When I first started experiencing severe pain, my boyfriend was a smoker.  He never used it in my home or vehicle, out of respect for me.  He never ever tried to push it on me either....until he saw the effects of severe pain in me...you know, the kind that put me in the fetal position where I couldn't move and speaking was not easy.  

After he witnessed this in me for several weeks, he told me about how pot was suppose to ease pain and he really thought I should give it a try.  I resisted for a week or two.  Then I finally gave in...I felt, what did I have to lose?

I tried it only twice.  All I managed to do was get high....which I didn't like.  And I was instantly reminded that the smell and taste was repulsive to me.  I quit using it.  

I didn't know you could use it in a vaporizer.  Would this method get the whole household high?  I would hate to try this method and find out it was effecting my mother, daughter and my dogs!  One of my dogs sleeps with me.  

I didn't know you could eat it either.  What does it taste like in food?  It is made into butter?

Just recently, when someone was telling me I should consider it, I was told I didn't use it long enough for it to work.  Is this true?  

My pain is pretty severe.  My docs are having difficulty trying to get me to a level that is at least tolerable.  God knows, I have been on everything.  :(   I have my foot in the door of the opiate family now, which I said I would never do.  Never say never.

Does anyone know the states that it is legal in?

Thanks for this honest and open subject...
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Looks like there are fifteen states plus DC that have medical marijuana. There are a couple of other states currently debating it also. The fifteen states are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

Eating cannabis can go a couple of ways. You can buy glycerin or alcohol based tinctures which you place under your tongue with a dropper. You can buy pre-made edible products like brownies and rice krispie treats (even sodas). Or you can use it to cook for yourself, generally by simmering cannabis with butter (sometimes coconut oil) and then using that to infuse your own food. Taste ranges from almost non-existent to wincingly awful, butane-y tastes. (There's a whole story there on the extraction process but I won't get into it.)

Vaporizing will not get affect anyone other than you, even if that person was sitting next to you (I mean, don't blow it in their face). Vaporizing is much cleaner than smoking--no smoke, ashes, etc. It also has much less of a smell, so if that is of concern to you, look into vaporizers.

Addi, my initial experience was like yours. I really had to experiment with it over a few weeks to find what consumption level was appropriate. At first I would just be in outer space, but you sort of figure out how to manage that after a while.

I would also just point out that although you can definitely get addicted to mj, it's not the physical addiction that you can fall into so easily with opiates. It's the psychological/emotional addiction that you can get with anything from eating to shopping. So if you know you're an addictive personality, probably best to stay away. But if it's something you're considering, you don't have to worry about the 'one and done' effect of some of the opiates like fentanyl etc. As with everything it's a matter of deciding your own risk/reward comfort.
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