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Is vertigo and meniere's disease and uveitis systemic of MS?
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MS can affect virtually anything related with the Central nervous system.

have you self diagnosed with Meniere's disease and uveitis? did you see a good Ophthalmologist ?

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I have MS and I deal with balance issues all of the time. I have had vertigo on and off for a few years now.

I hope this helps.


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I am undiagnosed and have had balance problems off and on for the past several years.  I was told specifically that I did not have Meniere's Disease, after testing.
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No, my diagnosis was conducted by an ENT doctor.  The vertigo was diagnosed by neurology.
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try a simple Neurological test, preferably with the help of someone else: the Romberg's test. positivity to such test is often related with Optical Neuritis.
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stand up straight, feet toe to toe. lean you arms forward palms up, look forward then close your eyes. to get a negative test you must be able to keep your position straight also with your eyes closed.
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Hi there,

Vertigo is related to MS, though not typically due to inner ear issues like meniere's disease is but the vertigo associated with MS, is caused by brain lesions in one or more of the specific balance areas of your brain eg cerebellum. Uveitis being eye inflamation is not related but it is connected to other autoimmune conditions eg Lupus.

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For me, Uveitis is definetly from my ms.  I have had in on 2 occassions recently.  MY MS neuro even had a sheet on it. So, it can be from MS.
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I've been having some "MS-like" syndrome which at some point affected the eyes too. one night I woke up with a burning-stinging eye I looked in the mirror it was so red it looked like Terminator's. the pain in the eyes went on for three months. I don't know if it was "uveitis" but I'm guessing optic neuritis can definitely give a red eye.

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Clarrification- Uveitis 'can' actually be experienced by pwMS, if it is caused specifically by MS is difficult to pin down, the uveitis stats are quite small when they are looking at a possible connection for uveitis as a sx of MS.

To explain what i'm trying to say, one example of the disparity would be the larger number of dx uveitis patients in a study and the MSers are commonly in the minoriety eg 1267 uveitis patents and only 41 dx MSers. Which is just over a 3% sample base and means the other 96.75% do not have MS, therefore uveitis is more commonly associated or a sx of something other than MS.

What statistics or information i could find on uveitis within any of the MS associations, was slim pickings, most dont list it as a sx or refer to it but i did manage to find something see below....


Ocular inflammation

"Uveitis (inflammation of the iris, ciliary body, or choroid) is reported in approximately 10 percent of MS patients. The symptoms may be mild to severe and complications are directly proportional to the extent and severity of the inflammation. Complications of ocular inflammation included glaucoma, cataract, macular edema, retinal detachment, and vitreous hemorrhage (26). Retinal venous sheathing occurs in 10 percent to 20 percent of patients with S (27,28) and represents active periphlebitis or sclerosis (27). "

I've done my head in trying to find where the stat of 10% has come from, i just cant find any research from 1975 to current that even comes close to that so i am awaiting a response from MSworld. lol Even if those stats are spot on (dont quote me lol) but imho, uveitis would be one of the least common visual sx's in comparrison to the more common visual sx of MS eg ON 75% to uveitis 10%.

So uveitis is possible in MS but its not a common visual sx and uveitis in general is dx more commonly in people who do not have MS.

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