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Multiple Sclerosis ?

Hi, I'm new to this forum and just had a couple of questions regarding possible MS diagnosis.  In July of 09 I had a  MRI of my brain which showed a left frontal lesion measuring 1.4 x 1.2 x 1.4 cm.  I had another in August 09 which measured the lesion at 1.0 x o.6 x 1.2 cm.  I also had a third one in August 09 which showed another decrease in size. (sorry don't have those results in hand).  My neurologist impression is ( Solitary focus of demyelination left frontal brain unclear etiology).  I then had a spinal tap which showed no red cells, 4 white cells, normal glucose and protein.  CSF Ig index elevated at 0.96.  There were 17 IgG bands and IgG synthesis rate was 10.1.  My neurologist is now sending me to an MS expert in my state.  Appointment in late October.  I don't think I have MS symptoms and this all started with me complaining about a bad headache to the back of my head which was determined to be caused by neck strain due to wearing a motorcycle helmet on a 3 day road trip.  The headache has not returned but stranger yet was a interesting sensitivity to my scalp at the rear center top of my head.  It lasted 6 days and was moderate in pain and hurt when touching my hair or trying to sleep on that side.  It has since left and then a few days later I noticed a swelling, or puffy area in that little crevice on my left collar bone at base of my neck.  The collar bone feels weird.  My  regular doctor has requested a  CT scan of neck and chest.  I don't have the results yet.  Could these strange sensations be related to MS. I'm a 58 year old male and have never been seriously sick.  I now feel like I'm falling apart.  Something is going on and I don't know what it is.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.
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Let me go back and explain the reason for the three MRI,s.   The first one was done due to my complaints about headaches.  It was initially thought I had a brain tumor and I was referred to a neuro surgeon and oncologist.

I was also CT scanned looking for cancer in my body, since they believed it metastisized to my brain.  No cancer, so I was scheduled for a biopsy of the alleged tumor.  

The second MRI was done prior to surgery in order to map out where to drill.  Much to the neuro surgeons amazement the tumor was smaller.  The surgery was therefore cancelled since tumors generally don't shrink by themselves.  

A third MRI was scheduled because the neuro surgeon believed there may have been some mistake in the second MRI.  Again the results were further shrinkage, so he told me it was some sort of demyelination  and said good bye.  The oncologist followed suit which left the neurologist to handle the problem.  Thank God No Cancer.

The neurologist then scheduled the spinal tap and after those results he referred me to the MS specialist because all indicators for him say MS.

No I didn't want nor did I pay for those 3 MRI's.   I did pay my share after blue cross/blue shield paid there share.

Another interesting fact is my wife has had MS for years and is confined to a wheel chair.  

I hope this clears things up.
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Hi maddoggie,
Welcome to our little corner of the web.  So many of us here had our MS *discovered* accidentally when we had doctors looking at other problems.  That includes me.

And even though you are 58, you are by no means the oldest newbie here.

I would say that since your neuro is referring you onto  an MS specialist, the neuro is fairly confident that you have Ms.  That st inks, but there are a lot of things a whole lot worse.

And the fact that you feel fine, other than your neck pain, is a good sign.  You may live with MS impacting your daily life very little.  

I know ignorance is bliss, but this is really something you want to know for sure.

Welcome again, and I hope we will see you around again.

my best,
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Firstly, are you paying for these MRIs yourself?  (I can't get a second one ordered after eight months, much less three in two months.)

Beyond that, I've never heard of MS causing any swelling around anybody's collar bone.

As for the spinal tap results, I haven't studied this enough, but I am sure that our Health Pages (see above, at top right of page, little yellow icon) have something in there that can help fill in some of those blank spaces.  I know that O-bands in CSF have to be compared to the number is blood taken at the same time; only the number that exceed those in the blood count toward whatever it is we're supposed to learn specific to MS from this test.

The lesion noted seems to be shrinking fast.  I know there's more on lesions in our health pages, but I don't recall hearing of them going away so quickly.  Of course, I don't recall hearing of anyone's being measured three times in two months, either.

Welcome to our group, by the way.  I'm sure you'll find this to be a place full of friendly, helpful and generally informed folks.
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