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Multiple Sclerosis

I had and MRI done in 2000 that showed periventrical lesion and juxtacortical lesion. I was told I need to followup with yearly exam, but I did not. I have had alot of muscle pain, heaviness in legs, fatique and insomnia; all of these problems are getting worse in the past 5 years. I recently started with dizziness and ringing in my ears which led me to request a copy of this report. I have a MRI scheduled next week.
My question is the juxtacortical lesion specific to MS? If so have I caused more damaged going without treatment in the past 10 years.
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Jen is right, but that doesn't mean that 30% of YOUR progression might have been prevented.

That's a general statistic, meaning that large groups of people with MS have been studied. Some use the DMDs; some don't. (Or used and didn't.) On the whole, DMD users suffer (suffered) 30% fewer relapses, which are equated for this purpose to disease progression.

Some of these people no doubt suffered no relapses, while others suffered many. Also, of course, some people who are on no DMD have had no relapses. Statistics can be misleading.

Nothing can be concluded about you as an individual. However, whatever has happened in the past, I strongly urge you to seek treatment now.

Sending you good wishes,
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Both lesions are indicative of MS.  Unfortunately you've probably progressed, although at this point all the DMDs only prevent 30% of progression.
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Thanks for the info!!
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Hi Dee,

We haven't met yet and I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Although it seems you have been lurking for a while, I haven't seen you on the forum. Please feel free to ask anything you have  questions about and we will try our best  to  answer your questions  based on our personal knowledge since we aren't doctors, with the exception of Quix who is currently on an extended leave.

Our Health Pages are located in the upper right hand corner of the page, next to the yellow Icon. They contain a wealth of information on a variety of subjects. They might be helpful to you.

Again welcome,
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My questions are answered. Now is time to wait for a confirmed diagnosis. Just a little anxious, but at least I know why I feel the way I do. MRI next week and then probably off to neuroligist.
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He there, I am new to this site.  I was wondering how you made out with a diagnosis.  I had my mri and results showed I had lesions in the juxtacortical position and was told I didn't have MS.  Even though I am experiencing the symptoms and the fact that My mom has MS.  How are things with you?


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Hi Carms - I don't think Dee participates anymore. There are plenty of good folks that do though :-) Why not "Post A Question" and tell us a little bit about what's going on with you? This is the most gentle place I know of :-)

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Hi there, thanks for the reply,  not sure where to go to post anything...I m just trying to navigate this site,  
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