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Multiple Sclerosis

do you have to have active lesions in the brain on MRI in order to have M.S.  My husband was diagnosed with M.S. and is driving himself crazy denying it.  He had an MRI of the brain that showed multiple foci of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity in the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres including approximately 5 small lesions in the periventricular white matter, lovated at the callosal sptal margin and oriented perpendicular long axis of the lateral ventricles. THere are 2 Flair hyperintense lesions along the undersurface of the copus callosum.  Focus of T2 hyperintensity is seen in the deep white matter of the right frontal lobe.  There is a focus of T2 and FLAIR hyperintensity inthe left posterior pons.  
He keeps saying that they are not active lesions and that therefore becasue his sympotms came on one week prior to this MRI of the brain that they can not be M.S.  He states that he has to have active lesions to have sympotms. His sympotms are right sided numbess of the leg/foot, flank, arm, hand, his neck is sore and this is a new symptoms this week and he says it may be a pinched nerve.  He also has left facial tingling and numbness/loss of taste of his tounge, and he gets a burning up the back of his head. he does not have any constant pain.  
so my question again is, because his lesions are old (as he states) does that mean that he does not have M.S.?
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I am fairly new at this so I won't even venture a guess about your husband's MRI. I just wanted to tell you several knowledgeable forum members will be along soon and I'm sure that can give you the advance you seek.  

This is a great community and I am glad you found us here. I just wanted to welcome you.

My best,
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Well much to go over. Let me ask you this: 1. what symptoms brought your husband to the neuro in the first place?
2.Does he want help?
3.Does he feel overwhelmed and afraid?
4.Has he asked the neuro point blank for a diagnosis?
5.Has he had a LP? Evoked potentials and some other tests?
7. Does he have neuro deficits?  ( is he with out neuro deficits but with a goofy MRI)?
Still more questions,  is he seeking treatment with MS drugs or steroids, Is he waiting for one more sign, symptom or relapse for confirmation of the diagnosis?

I believe it is difficult for the family member/loved one/significant other ecetera, but it takes some people a bit of time to register the disease is their own. Time to decide that   life with MS will change their life and their families. MS encumpases the whole family not just the individual with the disease.  This is a learning process for the whole family.

I hope that this helps some.There are many more out there with more definitive medical answers that me.  I am just offering some explanation for the seeming reluctance to confront the disease or possibility of it by him.

Gods Blessings to you both as you travel down this road.

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