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Multiple Sclerosis

Ya I just got back my MRI the third one in 1 year and the results are the same, the MRI shows an area 9mm in length on the left side of my brain, it represents an area of demylenation, I have now been too 3 neurologists and none of them know what it is, I was hoping I could list some of my symptoms and someone here could help me out, here goes
Right side of my body only
numbness face, Vertigo, insomnia, anxiousness, stress, trembling, spasms in my face, ear and leg, my stomach also will jerk from side too side, my head will jerk too, my neck muscles become rigid and I feel dizzy and off balance when I walk.
I also get tingling on my forhead constantly, my right eye moves involuntarily from time to time. None of the Neurologist believe it is MS becuase there is only one spot.
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Hi shawn,

Sounds like you're having fun like so many of us here, and I see your "one spot" dilema is similar to another post (should be just beneath this) one about MRIs.
It's very scarey and frustrating not knowing what's going on. I too get the dizzy thing happening when I walk, and fell like I'm staggering around like a drunk. I get scared it's my heart or something that no dr has yet picked up. My stomach wobbles from side to side, but that's from having four kids! HA!

Anyway, hopefully you will have some answers soon..

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it sounds as if you need lots more nero testing, a good doc should be searching for you.
its so hard to feel so bad and have nothing to call it, or fight with it.I hope you'll ask for more to be done, and if this doc dosn;t make you feel comfortable enough to ask for more, you need to gind one who you can trust.i hope things, by that i mean answers come soon for you. dizzy is the pits, they have meds to help with a few of youe symptoms to, that should be offered so you need not suffer.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to you.   It is so frustrating not to have the answer.  People who are unfamiliar with this limboland phenomena, seem to have the hardest time understanding our dilemma - even some if not most doctors.

Good luck with your situation and getting a proper diagnosis.

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Hi Shawn,

Welcome! You do have things we experience here all the time, and it will be very important for your Neuro to start a thorough work up to start to seeing what you do or do not have.

You already have been to 3 Neuros, so what are they saying?  Do you know what they worked you up for so far?

I'm sorry you are going through this with seemingly no guidance or info.  Have you had Brain only MRIs? Any imaging for you C-spine ordered? Where is the lesion located? Do you have copies of the reports? Sorry for all the questions, but as we've been taught MS cannot be dx'd by MRI alone.  There are a lot of other pieces to the puzzle.

Have you visited our health pages yet? You will learn a lot about MS there.  Don't worry, we are here for you and certainly understand what you are feeling.  How long has this been going on?  They have been following you yearly or what?

See you around,
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