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My 65 year old Mom got diagnosed with MS and I'm scared

My mom's whole body was uncontrollably shaking. I'm scared. Is she going to die from this? Everything I've read says no but I'd like to hear from someone with experience what all this entails and how I can help her. I don't want to lose my mom in my thirties (I'm 28).
She falls over a lot. Broke her wrist really bad recently but that was before I knew what was going on. If anyone has any words of advice or comfort they'd be very very appreciated.
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Hi and welcome,

I'm very sorry to hear about your mum's diagnosis and the fear it has caused you!

No one can give you the reassurance your anxiety is likely looking for IF you let your fears take over...breath!!

MS is not what it use to be 10-20 years ago, the life expectancy of a person diagnosed with MS today is practically the same as the typical life expectancy of a female of her generation.

Even quality of life is chalk and cheese with today's disease modifying drugs and symptom treatments...MS is a chronic disease and just like most other chronic medical conditions, mortality is more dependent on each individuals unique disease course, their life style, fitness levels, diet, weight, mental health etc etc

Falls for anyone in their 60's is pretty common and always more of a problem than in someone younger, but without anything more to go on, she will probably need extra help with just the basics eg cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving etc whilst her balance is unstable, and more so if she also still has a broken arm but the one to ask what help 'she' needs is actually your Mum.

If your mum is only now being diagnosed with MS in her mid 60's, it's actually possible she's always had MS, for your entire life.....regardless of what age it started though, never forget, she still the same woman, and still your Mum!

Hope that helps......JJ
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Thank you for your response!

This is all so new to me and my family, we're all scared after seeing it in action.

Your words definitely soothed a lot of my fears. I know only what Google says so hearing from experience is very relieving.

She's going to see doctor's this week to figure out next steps and more answers, but I'd love some advice on things she can do naturally or at home to alleviate some of the mental and physical hardships.

And I think a part of me just needs a support community.

Again, your response is very appreciated. Thank you!
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Your welcome,

Best advice regarding googling is a) not to believe the MS cure stories you'll find all over the net, unfortunately there isn't a cure (yet!!) no matter who's telling it or how good it sounds, no legitimate research study has proven any of them to be true.

b) Know the legitimacy of the site your getting your MS information from, MS specific sites eg msaustralia, multiplesclerosis . net,  etc are typically the more reliable and up to date on anything relating to MS. You'll also find a lot of MS societies sites will have free to the public MS topic specific articles you can down load, most will have some the more educationally informative patient friendly research articles, pob casts, pamphlets etc eg ms nz has a printable 'beginners guide to multiple sclerosis'
check out what your countries MS society has to offer...

Family members are always welcome on MS specific support sites, there definitely isn't many who don't have MS that will continue to visit an MS site for their own personal support, not sure why that is to be honest....maybe its as simple as not being able to really relate on a personal level with people living with a medical condition they don't themselves actually have, we definitely all need to feel a personal connection with our chosen support group.

I know of some local MS societies run support groups for family members of pwMS, can't think of a single MS specific family members support group though, you might try calling your local MS society chapter and see if they do run support groups, and if they don't they should be able to a least offer you some direction in locating a therapist, psychologist etc with MS experience who might  be helpful to you, worth giving them a try at least..

Hope that helps......JJ      
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