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My Amazing Friends!

The NYC area Walk MS is scheduled for April 29. I decided to participate, along with my MS Co-Pilot Linda. Yesterday I started my fund raising effort. My Pie in the Sky goal was $2,000.

As of 4:30 this morning, about 12 hours after I sent my request, I had raised $3,298! I've had to adjust my goal upwards twice! I have a pledge from one friend of an additional $1,000 when he returns from vacation!

My friends are amazing :-)

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How wonderful!

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Holy Schmoley! And, it's early still! Good for you, Kyle! Have fun, I'll be walking in Jersey like usual.

Wishing you continued raising! And, most of all, have fun while doing so :)
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Congratulations, Kyle! In Spanish, we have a saying: "Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres." It means: "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are."

The generosity your friends are displaying should tell you something about yourself - something many of us have noticed about you on the forum. You're a generous and caring guy! Thank you for raising money for a very important cause. And please thank Linda for walking for us, too!

- Jane
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Aw shucks :-) Thanks

For those of you keeping score at home I'm up to $3,478 Cash Money!
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That is awesome!   A very good friend told me when I informed her of how hard it was to receive help from people  The balance is upset if you do not.  

You truly do have great friends and that is a testament to the man you are!

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We're coming to the close of the first 24 hours and the new total is (I feel like Jerry Lewis on Labor Day) $3,913.00!

People are amazing!
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Update- I made it over the $4,000 mark in less than 24 hours! $4,113.00
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how great - I just registered my team yesterday!  You are so far ahead of me and many of the rest of us here ................

thanks for walking for all of us.
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