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My Urologist isn't agreeing with the Neurologist...help!?!

Hi all!  
I have a question or a conundrum or something going on here as per usual!  hehe

I went to my Urologist yesterday and told her that my Neurologist had ran blood and urine tests to see if I had an infection that could possibly be causing my MS symptoms to rear their ugly head.  The Neurologist told me that I had a bladder infection and put me on antibiotics with the hope that the symptoms would go away once the infection was cleared up.  I didn't notice any change much while taking the antibiotics either.

My Urologist looked up the results of the urine test and said "YOU DID NOT HAVE AN INFECTION!" and went on to explain that some docs see a little bit of bacteria in the urine and say that you have an infection.  HOWEVER, I did not have ANY symptoms of a bladder infection at the time and was actually feeling fairly good other than the MS symptoms at the time.  She stated that the lack of bladder infection symptoms should tell me that I don't have an infection.

SO...I was told by my Neuro the last time I SAW him that he would like to do an MRI to see if there are any changes.  Then,when I asked his nurse if it has been scheduled, mysteriously he said I don't need one.  I had a bad case of nerve pain last Friday and called the Neuro's office but didn't hear back until yesterday when the nurse called and left a message saying that she was sorry to hear I was having trouble with nerve pain and that the Neuro again said that I don't need an MRI.!!!  I just don't know what to figure here!

I feel a little like he thinks I am faking the seriousness of the symptoms I have been having lately but believe me I am not.  I would not fake the serious vertigo I had lately and I know it takes a whole lot of pain to make me cry out so was I faking the nerve pain that made me cry out on Friday???  NOT A CHANCE!  I had also asked if I should increase my Gabapentin or what to do but nothing was mentioned about that...go figure!

So I am confused here now...should I just wait until I can't walk or talk or the vertigo gets so bad I can't move and the nerve pain gets so bad that I have to cut off my own foot?  Maybe I am exagerrating (sp) here a bit but I am upset and feel like my "hot neuro" isn't so hot after all?  I haven't had an MRI in 5 years.  My nerve pain is new. My vertigo is new.  The bladder thing is new. The trigeminal neuralgia isn't new but it has worsened.  These new things have all been new since my last MRI.  My neuro said that he wouldn't do another MRI unless there were changes in my situation...well, what's the problem I wonder?  

My friends that have been here since 2006 know what I had to go through to get an MRI when my last neuro insisted that I had one in 2006 when all along WE knew he had only done a CT Scan!  He swore up and down that he knew what he was talking about until I went and got my own MRI that cost close to $2000.00 privately and it showed definite changes in comparison to the report from my original MRI!!!!  I really thought that getting rid of that bone headed doctor would make my life easier...apparently not...I sort of feel like I have a "KICK ME" sign on my back!  

I don't know what I am looking for here but I am really frustrated and not too sure what to do.  I certainly can't afford to have an MRI privately as I am no longer working and on disability.  

Anyone have any suggestions here?  I wish just once that something in this STUPID MS would go a little smoother, not because of the disease but from the medical community!  I am not sure which one is more painful to be honest with you!

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Actually if you wanted, you could get a new neuro in the community outside of University Hospital.  Your GP could refer you to one for a second opinion, or you could ask your neuro to do so, and why.  If it were me, first I would see him again in order to talk to him directly and not through the nurse.  Remind him of what he said previously about getting a MRI and asked him what's caused him to change his mind.  Ask hypothetically - if your MRI has changed dramatically or if it has remained the same: what would the implications be in either case?  If it's changed a lot - would that mean a difference in treatment?  If it wouldn't change anything, then perhaps he sees it as a waste of resources.  This is pure speculation and not very useful really since it doesn't help you know what is in his head.  You won't know unless you ask him directly.  
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Suggestion? Get a new neuro!  Yes, I know you don't have that luxury wher you are , but how about you move??
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