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My Very First Black Hole!

I got a copy of the radiologist's report from last month's MRI's. Nothing enhanced and ...

"One of these foci in the left frontal lobe exhibits marked decreased signal intensity on the T1-weighted images, consistent with a 'black hole'."

I suspect that this has been around for a long time. These pics were taken on a brand new, high powered 3T machine. I don't think the last machine did my black home justice :-)


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hey Kyle,   Now if we were talking Stephen Hawking and black holes I would get excited, but  T1 hypointense lesions are not that uncommon.  I have a few myself.  You are possibly right about the MRI strength making a difference but mine are pronounced enough they showed on my initial 1.5 T mri before my diagnosis was made.
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It's the only thing my mind will ever have in common with his!
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Black hole club shout out! Now you have something to blame any future memory lapses on, Kyle. Did you name yours yet? I'm calling mine Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

I'm happy to read the "no enhancement" part. Does that lead us to believe your Tysabri jacuzzi appointments are working?

- Jane
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I haven't named it yet. Maybe I'll call him Stephen...

Whether or not it's the Spa treatment's remains to be seen, and may be irrelevant. As long as my life continues un-enhanced :-)
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Hey Kyle,
Add me to the club - uncommon or common, I'd prefer mine to main sometime  composure, lol You know what I mean - fibers, or axons, or tissue, etc!

I need all the brain volume I can get,hahah

Seriously though, through the years, I've read varying and conflicting findings regarding future outcomes where MSers and black holes are concerned. I've read where the empty space is at times not all dead (different MRI sequencing shows this), and healing can still occur and I've also read where some predictability (again conflicting) of disease progression and disability is concerned.

Regardless, the more T2s that remain the better off we are. T1s and holes, can lead to atrophy. Hate that word. Keeps me taking my DMD.

Stephen? REally? hahah
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Yeah, Stephen. He contemplates Black Holes and I have them :-)
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