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My doctor and neuro disagree

My first MRI was about 5 years ago and I was diagnosed with MS by my neurologist and doctor. I recently had to change neurologists and now after all the tests and symptoms the new one disagrees! I was hospitalized this year because I suddenly lost the ability to talk, swallow, or move my tongue. Of course the first thought was a stroke or TIA but that was ruled out. I have a lot of MS symptoms, numbness, pain, unbalanced, stiffness, and the one I am  dealing with right now is vertigo and almost like a tunnel vision dizziness with pressure on top of my head. So I had an MRI last week and I am wondering if any one can enlighten me to what it means. My family doc says it is MS and he wants me to see a different neuro. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hyperintense  T2 signal lesions in right frontal white matter approximately five lesions. No pathologic enhancement to suggest active demyelination. There are no infratentorial lesions. No evidence of acute infarct.

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She did not view the films just the reports. I was also negative for lyme disease and RA so those got ruled out. I guess its time to find a new neuro.
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The new neuro just said you cant diagnose MS with an MRI. I also have CVID and was on IVIG infusions once a month for 2 years but she had me stop them because she says the side effects are worse then the treatment. I think I know deep down its MS but I don't want to give in without an iron clad diagnosis. If that makes any sense. LOL
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I'd want to know if the neuro actually read the MRI or went by what the radiologist wrote.  Sometimes the radiologist can be so out in left field!

Both of my MRI radiology reports say I don't even meet the MS criteria but my neuro showed me 7+ lesions on my first and 3 new ones on my 2nd......

So I never trust a neuro who can't read his own MRI......just my personal opinion............I'm with jensequitur, ask for a new one !

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It sounds to me as if you do have MS - has your new neuro given any reason why he thinks you don't have MS?  Don't let him waste your time - have your family doc refer you to a new one.
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